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Decorating a teenager’s room is fraught with difficulties as they are certainly not so easy to please! One rule of thumb is never to decorate their rooms as a surprise, get them involved in choosing colours, patterns and designs and above all, remember that this is their room, not yours, so do try to compromise!


Contrary to popular belief, not all teenagers want their rooms painting in black, however many teenagers want to leave bright and airy colours behind them to focus on more unusual shades. They want to express their individuality and that  often means  choosing colours that parents may well disapprove of – black,  deep reds and purples. Yet these colours can actually look great in a room depending on how you approach it.

Dark teenage colour schemes

Dark colour schemes do have a habit of being  quite oppressive, particularly when all of the walls are painted a dark colour – which has the effect of soaking up all the available natural light. Strong colours are best used as accents or as a feature wall – whether your teenager will agree is another matter though? However if you acquiesce to their request for a particular colour they are more like to be reasonable about how much of it you use. Probably.

A pale blue decorating scheme with white bubbles effect

A relatively tame colour scheme can easily be made original and sophisticated with just a touch of imagination. This teenage room inspiration from Sico is a good example. For those not confident enough to give this a try, wall stickers or stencils can be just as effective and your teen will love the chance to get involved and show off their artistic skills to personalise their rooms.

Two examples of strong colours used with lighter shades

If they insist on strong colours then these two examples from Dulux Colour Inspirations shows how deep colours can be used in combination with lighter shades and neutrals to get the best of both worlds – so to speak. A two-tone room is often the best compromise and can actually look stunningly effective.

Wall Art

Posters and artwork will be obvious solutions here but also consider wall murals as a feature wall which will provide a striking and unusual focus.

Pink Union Jack Wall Mural

These fab wall murals are from a company called Digitex Home and I think you’ll agree that they certainly have a huge impact and may just provide the ultimate compromise from having a room painted entirely in black or purple.

pop art style wall mural

Pop art style wall murals are fashionable and dramatic and give a room it’s own sense of character without needing to re-decorate entirely. They’ll make your teenager’s room the talking point amongst all their friends.

Teen Furniture

These designer beds from GoModern are sophisticated, classy and modern and will go down a treat with young adults. Designer beds often have that quirky edge that other furniture companies lack, making them a popular choice with teens.

Teenager's designer bed

This gorgeous sofa bed is called Pongo and not only looks divine but it comes with some clever storage too like the handy pockets in the back panel and optional storage under the mattress or even another single bed.

Modern designer bed for a teenager

This ultra-modern designer teenager’s bed is called Ruler. It’s simple, un-fussy and yet sleek and cool. It can be hard finding a bed that fits in with your teen’s room but this one will look great anywhere and can be used as a classy guest bed long after they’ve left home (if they ever leave home!).


Teenagers spend an inordinate amount of time in their rooms so it’s a good idea to provide some comfy seating for them and their friends so they can gossip, play computer games and watch movies in style.

Extra large bean bag for teenager's rooms

This Fatboy beanbag from John Lewis is so comfy you’ll be wanting it for your room! The huge beanbag is luxuriously soft and flexible and supports every part of you. It’s the ultimate beanbag that will prove a surefire hit with your teen.

Teenage Bedding

Another compromise you could have for not letting them paint the walls black is that they get to choose the accents for their room; that is the bedding, rugs, wall art and other accessories that all help to transform a neutral coloured room into a teenage room with attitude and buzz. There is some great bedding out there for teenagers that is funky, stylish and perfectly ‘them’.

Teenage bedding set with Union Jack design

The Grunge Rock  theme is always a good one and the Brit-Pop look like this Rock UK bedding set from amazon has been a good seller for some time.

Joules Rugby Star Duvet Cover

For the sports mad teenages,  this duvet cover from Joules stocked at John Lewis will inspire dreams of medal-winning triumphs on pitch. Bold, broad stripes with an oversized RFC motif on a pure cotton ground give this an old-school, preppy feel. The reverse is no less eye-catching, making the most of a vibrant shade of blue for a contrasting look.

Teenagers duvet covers

Plain Lazy duvet covers from Amazon add a humourous touch. Teenagers love statement clothes and so will most definitely want this statement bedding!

Decorating a teenager’s bedroom might fill you with horror but with so many inspirational ideas out there, it won’t be too difficult to find a theme that you both love (or at least one which you can tolerate).

Teenage Bedroom

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