Wall Art for Children’s Rooms

Painted pictures and posters for kid's rooms.

Decorating you’re kids room with paints and wallpaper can transform a nondescript bedroom into a world of colour and set your child’s imagination alive.  Whatever the chosen scheme you’ll want to embellish it with accessories, a printed border or perhaps a mural.  Another way to set the style is by using a poster or art print which will tie-together the various colours, shapes and ideas of your theme. A suitable piece of wall art can also be an effective and inexpensive way of developing your child’s interest in art generally which may be maintained throughout their life.

A piece of children’s wall art needn’t be elaborate or even artistic it can be a simple poster, a reproduction print or a framed canvas print. Popular themes for children’s wall art tend include zoo animals, fairies, ballerinas, classic Disney characters and transport subjects such as cars, trains and planes.

Children's wall canvas depicting the sights of London

With the Olympics just around the corner anything London themed will be de rigour in 2012  and this London Town canvas from Happy Spaces is certain to be a winner – with all the familiar sites of our capital city depicted in vivid colour.

Personalised pirate themed wall art

Budding pirates will appreciate this cute picture by Lizajdesign  depicting a young swashbuckler aboard his ship. This print can also be personalised and there is a version for girl pirates too.

Pop Art style canvas made from an image of your child

How about a personalised Pop Art style canvas by Manimoo  made from a head and shoulders image supplied by you? I think this is a great idea that young kids will love and makes an ideal gift.

Kid's art print depicting a bus tour with zoo animals

This personalised print is from Carla Daly and depicts a bus tour with zoo animals.  Have your child’s name added to the side of the bus as well as Mum’s, Dad’s, Brother’s and Sister’s in the field of cows. It’s bright, colourful and fun – just as the best wall art should be.

Children's art print with cute animals around a blue and green planet

You can’t go wrong with cute animals as a theme and this picture from Milly Bee is a real treat – depicting 15 individual animals around the globe. It’s just one great example of many – take a look for yourself and be prepared to be impressed.

Noah's Ark wall art for kids

Staying on the subject of animals Noah’s Ark is always a popular theme idea for kids and this print by Happy Spaces has just the right amount of fun and colour without being too busy.

Disney wall art

Disney wall art never goes out of style and and is often kept and collected well into adulthood – and I should know, I treasure my Disney collection. This iconic Minnie Mouse is just one of a huge selection of prints and posters at Easyart.

Batgirl art print by Mini & Maximus

This Batgirl print by US kid’s fashion label Mini & Maximus is sold exclusively in the UK by Bodie & Fou. I like the fun and punky attitude of this art print and I’m sure you will too.

Darling Clementine Elephant Print

Inspired by circus elephants  this print by Darling Clementine creates a simple but striking impression..

Bethan is feeling slightly strange art print by Tom Lewis

If you’ve searched ideas for teenage wall art then Tom Lewis is a name you’ll recognise. Lewis is a UK born artist and illustrator renowned for his street-art inspired creations which are very popular with older kids and adults alike. Bethan is feeling slightly strange is from his latest collection of limited edition fine art prints.

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