Children’s Curtains & Blinds

Children's curtainsWindow  furnishings such as curtains and blinds are  items we often take for granted but are essential  pieces for a child’s well-being as well as being a major focal point of any decorating theme.

Children need a dark room in order to drop off to sleep and if you get them used to the dark from an early age they are less likely to have any problems later on, therefore as well as being decorative pieces they have health benefits too. Great Little Trading Company have a fantastic range of curtains and blackout blinds to suit a range of bedrooms.

When decorating your child’s room you might be pressurised into opting for bright colours, bold patterns or for character based themes that you know will be out of favour in no time at all.

Because window  furnishings are typically inexpensive and easy to replace it can be an idea to restrict the bolder of aspects of a theme to this area only – or perhaps, in combination with patterned bed linen while leaving the labour and cost intensive aspects  of decorating to safe, plain and light colours? This way you can change the look of your child’s room very easily by simply replacing accents such as bed linen and curtains.

Alternatively, plain coloured curtains can be used to the opposite effect to tone down an already visually busy and bold scheme?


In terms of decorative effect curtains are the most versatile of window furnishings, available in a range of designs, colours, length and texture.

Your choice of material will have a big impact on the way the room looks and feels because of the way light reflects off the  material or passes through a translucent fabric as well as providing a focal point of colour in the room.

Curtains also have a practical purpose though and need to be substantial enough to block out any light if you want your child to have a good night’s sleep.

Many curtains marketed as being suitable for children tend to be so because they feature popular children’s characters but really they don’t serve much other purpose because the material used is so thin that it blocks out very little light – particularly during summer months.

Ideally your curtains should be made from a thick fabric or come fully lined. If that isn’t possible with your choice then consider using them in conjunction with a black-out blind which you can purchase quite cheaply from most furnishing stores.

Safety is always an issue where windows are concerned and curtains shouldn’t be so long that young children can pull on them or that they trail on the floor and provide a trip hazard. Also ensure that curtains are firmly fixed to a substantial track or pole that is  secured to the wall. Elaborate pleated headings are not really necessary for a child’s bedroom – simple tape headings or tabbed tops are simple and effective enough.

It’s also  worth ensuring that curtains can be fully drawn back during the day, preferably with tie-backs, in order to let in the maximum amount of natural lighting. Therefore before you buy, get out the tape measure and ensure that your measurements are correct. It’s much safer to go a little over your measurements than a little under as curtains cannot be easily lengthened.


Kid's coloured black-out blindsWhen we think of blinds there are a various kinds – roller blinds are simple but effective window treatments; vertical blinds or horizontal ‘Venetian’ blinds tend to be more expensive but can be very effective at blocking out or diffusing direct sunlight.

If you opt for window blinds then it is important that you get the measurements just right. Of course you can take the simple option and have your blinds custom-made but if you want to buy ready-made blinds it’s worth taking your time to ensure there will be no unsightly gaps that let light through and make the whole exercise pointless. Custom-made blinds are also much more expensive than ready-made ones, so a little care here can save you pounds.

Fabric ‘Roman’ blinds are another option, perhaps more suited to a feminine girl’s room than as a general option?

John Lewis have a useful guide to buying blinds. You can also buy blinds which are designed to be trimmed for a perfect fit and these can be quite good value. Again safety is an issue, especially with young children so before buying do take some time to read this useful information about blind cord safety and a download a free safety guide from ROSPA.

Draped Fabric

Again, more of a feminine option, but for older girls you can achieve some quite stunning effects by experimenting with fabrics and textures. This is an option which can be combined with other styles of window treatment in order to achieve the overall effect.

Window furnishings can create quite a dramatic effect in any room so it’s worth taking your time over and ensuring that you get just the right kind of look for your child’s room.

Children's Curtains & Blinds

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Kids Cerise Flower Garden Blackout Pencil Pleat Curtains Light Pink / Baby Pink

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