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Balance Bikes & Ride On Toys

Balance bikes, trikes & ride on toys are excellent ways for young people to prepare for the joy and health benefits of regular riding. The most trying aspect of learning to ride a bicycle is getting that sense of balance. Fortunately, there are plenty of well designed balance bikes, trikes & ride on toys to help kids learn to ride in a fun and engaging manner.

Tidlo First Balance Bike

The Tidlo First Balance Bike from Amazon is a great bike for kids. It has a birch frame and cushioned seat. It’s a perfect vehicle for helping the wee ones get their sea legs before diving onto a standard bicycle. The tyres are air filled rubber.

Strider Balance Bike

The Strider Bike Balance Bike from Amazon is lighter than many thanks to its metal frame. Kids will learn to balance and steer with relative ease. Light and sturdy, it doesn’t require stabilisers or balancing wheels. With its adjustable features, the young one can start riding at 18 months and hold onto this trike until 5 years old. It’s available in six brilliant colours.

Kettler Speedy 12.5-Inch Balance Bike

The Kettler Speedy Balance Bike from Amazon is designed to build confidence for riding. It has an adjustable padded seat and safety handles with brakes. Finished with a vibrant blue or pink scratch resistant coating, its a perfect first bike to improve balance.

Early Learning Centre Wooden Trike and Trailer

The Early Learning Centre Wooden Trike and Trailer in the world of trikes & ride on toys, this one’s a keeper. Colourful as it gets, any child will have a great time with this solid wood rider and its detachable trailer.


The Toddlebike from John Lewis is incredibly lightweight, it’s an excellent first ride suitable as soon as children begin to walk confidently, usually 12-18 months.. Good for indoor and outdoor play; it’s an excellent beginning for any child that’s going to end up riding.

Bigjigs Bunny Rideon

The Bigjigs Bunny Ride On from Amazon is built for little hands and long lasting performance, this is a great bike that’ll keep the little ones busy. With a half dozen play pieces, the Bigjigs helps with dexterity and coordination.

The greatest fear of any child learning to ride is the possibility of falling. Balance bikes help alleviate that frustration, letting the child subconsciously learn to balance during play.

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