Vintage Themes for Kids

Vintage is a name to describe a style which harks back to past times when all was well with the world and floral bedding was the order of the day. Other terms used to describe this theme idea are Country House Style and Shabby Chic.  The style is predominantly floral and traditional with off-white, ivory, pastel pink and pale blue being the predominant colours.

Vintage and Shabby Chic Decorating Accessories

These styles have become very popular once again because it’s very modern  now to try to recreate a glimpse of the past, especially if you combine vintage styles with contemporary design. Mixing up themes in this way takes a bit of confidence but the results can be pretty amazing. Start with a few of these vintage and shabby chic decorating accessories to get you going.

Shabby chic style wooden letters

Shabby Chic style wooden letters, like these  hand painted letters  from Bow Boutique  are a popular choice and can spell out a name or in the above case, a favourite pastime! Teenagers especially love the vintage lettering and it does look pretty effective on a shelf, rested upon a dado rail or even stuck onto the wall or door.

Vintage style notice board and children's bedroom decor

A vintage style notice board and children’s bedroom decor from Butterfly Barn is reminiscent of garden fetes with homemade jams and delicious cake stalls. When put together these accessories look wonderfully chic and incredibly nostalgic. The retro style pink striped fabric memo board will put a little chintz into chores!

Personalised name plaque with cute blue owl figure

This vintage style owl name plaque is handmade  by Fairy Angel Cake  who thought it would be a hoot to have a chic personalised name plaque for your room. And in true vintage style, there is nothing false about this little owlet – even the paint is organic!

Vintage Style Union Jack Name Plaque

Make it personal with this  retro style Union Jack name plaque from Patchwork Daisy.
Union Jack themed rooms are all the rage right now and this personalised name plaque adds a certain funky style of its own with a distressed, shabby chic look. A must for funky, shabby teenagers!

Classic floral shabby chic style wallpaper

Classic Shabby Chic style wallpapers from Pip Studio  are the ultimage  country house  luxury. These exquisitely detailed wallcoverings will add a huge dollop of style and sophistication to her room. What’s even better is the fact that the PiP wallpaper has a washable surface and is extremely easy to both hang and remove. So get a little 1930s glamour with this  vintage wallpaper.

Vintage Style Bedding

Patterned bedding works well when it is coordinated but mixing different styles can be even more effective — don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern, there are no hard and fast rules — all you need is confidence and a modicum of taste.

Pink vintage floral patchwork quilt

Get girly with a pink vintage floral patchwork quilt that is utterly feminine and why not? Let them get in touch with their romantic, creative side and go all out for pale pinks and pastel shades in a traditional, vintage design that could have come straight from a pretty country home but actually came from  amazon.

Pink floral bedding set

This retro floral bedding set from amazon  shows the bright side of pink in a bold display of floral fantasies! This will surely add some flower power to her room in a classic, bold and beautiful style.

Vintage style floral bed linen

Give it a little mix-up and a shakeabout and what are you left with? This delightfully ditzy and ditty Daisy floral bedding range from Designers Guild. Wonderfully adventurous in a mixed-up and haphazard way that is very chic and very much retro!

Vintage style floral rug

A wonderful compliment to the Daisy bedding range is this floral peony rug which is just bursting with colour. Peonies are symbols of romance and prosperity and are said to hide mischevious nymphs behind their large, rose-like petals! These blooming peonies however will brighten her room with a cheery floral sweetness instead of mischief.