Space Themed Bedroom

Every little boy dreams of going to space at some point and being a brave astronaut, exploring other planets and doing battle with creatures from outer space. Who knows, one day they might actually become the next Buzz Aldrin, but until then you can encourage them to explore their imaginations without limits by turning their rooms into intergalactic scenes with just a little effort from yourself!

Kid's space themed bedding set

This pure cotton Outer Space Duvet Set by Sleepyheads comes with these quirky bright characters and images embroidered onto a dark blue background. This duvet set will instantly transform a room with a huge dollop of fun and colour and will become the focal point, so team it up with plain walls and just a few more accessories like those below.

Plain duvet cover with space motifs and embroidered personalisation

This cute Personalised Space Duvet Cover by Big Stitch makes an ideal gift idea!  It’s a simple but unusual duvet set that will suit both younger and older boys and because the design isn’t so busy, it will look great in either a plain or creatively decorated room.

Bedroom light fitting with a mini-space shuttle as a switch

This Space Shuttle Light Switch by Candy Queen is just the bees knees, or should I say comets ears? Older boys (and a few younger ones too!) will love having this unique light switch in their rooms! I mean, seriously, just how cool is this? It’s fun, quirky and an excellent space accessory for the best space themed bedrooms.

Hand painted and personalised space rocket canvas

This space themed wall canvas is hand painted and personalised by Debbie Bellaby so no one is the same, it’s even signed by the artist! It’s the perfect bright canvas to hang upon a wall and compliment your themed room and is certainly a piece to treasure. If you want to get family involved in your decorating efforts then it’s a great gift for granny to give!

Boy's space themed wall stickers

These cute and funny little space and alien themed wall stickers are  from Wall Glamour and can easily be transferred to most wall surfaces. The brilliant things about wall stickers is that you can paint a plain wall and then liven it up with fun wall stickers like these! You don’t have to spend hours labouring over your own wall murals when you can just purchase these  stickers which will stay in place for as long as you want them to!

Space Shuttle Poster

Space shuttle prints and posters from amazon  make a striking themed wall idea in your child’s room. The posters are high quality prints with superb detail and make a great decorating idea for older boys who are still fascinated by journeys into space. You can also download some fantastic high resolution images and posters from NASA

Space themed wallpaper and border

You can have their whole room wallpapered with a space theme, or concentrate on one wall or merely have a space border with these Coloroll space themed wallpapers and borders from amazon. It’s wallpaper, but not as we know it!

Navy blue cushion with space rocket motif

A navy blue cushion with an embroidered space rocket pointing to the stars by nickynackynoo is the perfect snuggle cushion for bedtimes whilst dreaming of flying into outer space. The felt is wonderfully soft and just right to send your little one off to the stars.

Child's personalised space cushion

A retro themed space cushion personalised from Kindred Rose is great for both boys and girls. Your child’s initial will be embroidered onto the front of the cushion which features cherub cheeked boys and girls having intergalatic adventures in a very retro style. I’m tempted to get one of these myself!

Round space themed wall clock

A space rocket clock from Hickory Dickory  is the perfect finishing touch and provides a handy countdown to bedtime when all your child’s space adventures can come true!

More Space Theme Accessories

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