It’s time for things that go bump in the night; for witches on brooms and a full shining moon; for pumpkin heads and  ghostly dreads; wicked spiders and headless riders – yes it’s Halloween and the perfect excuse for a spooky party that would not be complete without some of our Halloween decorations to scare the pants off any trick or treaters who dare to  tread your path.


This wooden Halloween garland will create instant party atmosphere in your home this Halloween. Hang this fantastic garland in your window or on the garden gate and extend a spooky welcome to friends, family and trick-or-treaters. In chunky wood with bright and cheerful illustrated letters including a cat, snake, pumpkin and a pair of pointy witches boots, it’s a fun and funky Halloween decoration that will be loved by kids and grown-ups alike!

Wooden Halloween Welcome Signs

And if they manage to get past the flashing eyed ghosts, here are some ghoulish Home Halloween Signs also  from The Contemporary Home  to hang on your door should they even dare to consider knocking! Useful not just for Halloween but cold callers and anytime that family are due to visit! Use them year after year for a simple Halloween door or wall decoration.

 Graveyard Raiders Scene Setter  Coffin Creatures Scene Setter

Set the scene with these scene setters from Party Pieces for a truly unsettling atmosphere! Easy to roll onto walls these petrifying pictures will turn your guests into gibbering wrecks – especially by the time they’ve got past the garden and front door! Fantastic for Halloween parties either at home or school – who wouldn’t like to see these skeletal creatures plastered over the school hall? It’d certainly make school lunches much more interesting!

Halloween Cotton Bunting

No party is complete without bunting and this Halloween bunting from The Cotton Bunting Company tops the list. Contrasting black and orange are the colours of Halloween and this bunting is fully washable and re-usable. It will look spookily spectacular when draped across a mantelpiece; on the walls of your party room or outside in the garden where it will stop all the vampire bats from flying into you – or will it….?

John Lewis Black Metal Spider's Web Lantern

This black metal spider’s web lantern from John Lewis will make an impressive Halloween table centrepiece or why not put it in a window to act as a beacon for all the ghosts and ghouls out there? If you do put it onto the table make sure you turn out the lights to get some flicking, frightening shadows!

Halloween themed table centrepiece

This super spooky cardboard haunted house from John Lewis is  full of ghastly detail such as the witch stirring her cauldron, the vampire about to pounce, the tap dancing skeleton and the shivering ghosts – not to mention a few spiders and bats all safely contained within a strong cardboard haunted house that makes a super table centrepiece  for kids Halloween parties. Best of all you can  get the kids to arrange the pieces themselves!

Halloween door sign

This Beware of the Witch door sign from M & S is dead cheap and wickedly good! Hang it from their bedroom doors or even in the back of the car! In fact I should have one of these on my front door every day of the year… M&S also do some monstrous good costumes for both adults and kids with devilish discounts to boot.


This Witch Pinata from Party Pieces  is far too cute to be scary surely? But that doesn’t stop kids beating her with sticks to get the sweeties out – well can you blame them? Spankingly good fun and a definite must for every Halloween party – even the adults would love to have a go at beating the Wicked Witch. Poor thing.

Witch wall sticker in a range of colours

This witch wall sticker from Your Deco Shop is available in 35 colours to bring a little sorcery to your room. Easy to fix onto walls and easy to peel off to create a magically menacing atmosphere. They also have bats in their horrid Halloween range.

orange candle lanterns with Halloween themed prints

Halloween Candle Lanterns by Light a Lantern are magical lantern bags that will guide unlucky chancers up your garden path with their eerie orange glow and petrifying prints. You can also use them for outdoor garden parties or indoor perhaps to light up the stairway and guide party goers  to their doom the terrifying terrors that lurk in the loo, especially after all those sweeties!

So make sure that this Halloween is a night never to be forgotten with these freakish Halloween decorations that can transform what was once a suburban villa into the Haunted House from Hell! Mwah hah haa….

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