Football Crazy

Football themed rooms are actually great ideas when it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms. If they support a particular team you easily go for that team’s colours with a few suitable accessories that will turn an ordinary room into a shrine any football fan would be proud of! So go a little football crazy with these cool ideas that definitely won’t prove to be a home goal.

football pitch rug

Who needs table football when you can have  carpet football! This rug is from Amazon  this Football Pitch Rug is handtufted with a soft, 100% polyester pile and features stripes of Green with ivory. This luxurious collection is designed to offer comfort and enjoyment for your special little ones.

Children's personalised wall stickers depicting two footballers

Ever wanted to see your own name on a football shirt? Well these footballer wall stickers are  just as good and the perfect wall decoration for football fans. They  can be personalised  with up to  eleven players so you can be part of your very own dream team! Oh and you can choose  the colours too, so why not pitch your friends against your rivals? These personalised football wall stickers are  from The Bright Blue Pig.

Wall mounted light fitting with grass picture background and football shaped switch

A football themed light switch from Candy Queen Designs will provide a unique and unusual accessory for your football themed room. A handball is required to turn it on however! We guarantee this distinctive light switch will provide a great talking point and have friends begging their parents for one too!

Personalised footballer wall canvas

A  personalised wall canvas from NameArt  makes a fantastic gift and is sure to score a goal with your footie mad child. You can even individualise the hair and team colours and as each one is initially sketched by hand, no two pictures are the same. Watch the crowd go wild for this personalised footie artwork!

Boy's international football duvet cover

This Champions duvet cover from Vertbaudet is for true champions only! Featuring a variety of sports for active kids who love to win! There’s even a little bit of French thrown in so they can impress their classmates with their language skills! If you have a sports-mad child then this sporty duvet cover has been designed with them in mind.

Multi-coloured football bedding set

This multi-colour football bedding set from Marks and Spencer is a wonderful kaleidoscope of colourful footballs which will match any room decor! Bright, cheery and bouncy bedtimes follow with colourful football bedding like this one!

Black and white soccer themed chair with matching footstool

Be an armchair fan with a  football themed  armchair  and matching footstool from Kid’s Rooms. This armchair set is handmade in England, home of the best football team of all (yes well ok, it’s nice to dream!). And should they get excited watching their team score the winning goal, you don’t have to worry as it’s robustly made to stand up to the roughest of treatment, which is just as well!

Kid's football bean bag

Get a kid’s football beanbag from RU Comfy  which is the perfect place to park their rears after a hard day playing footie. Every child’s room needs a comfy beanbag and this will especially appeal to football fans. You can even select the colour so why not go with their favourite team colours? It’s an idea that will go straight to the back of the net, in comfort!

Custom football wall mural

These custom wall murals from Wallfactor are pretty spectacular and certainly have the WOW effect! They can be custom made to fit any size of wall and are not as complicated to apply as they look. It’s a stunningly detailed picture that will transform your wall into a work of art.

Display case containing a mini football kit, player figures and football memorobilliaThis  English Team Football Display Case is  by Elizabeth Young Designs and don’t worry if your child is not a Man Utd fan, he has the top eight teams to choose from, each featuring a genuine replica kit, a full team of miniatures and a personalised engraving, making this a rather special gift to be treasured.

Football Club Merchandise

Official team merchandise for the major Premiership clubs is readily available on  amazon and is quite reasonably priced. It’s also worth remembering that most of the teams have their own online outlets now where you can buy all the latest bedding and decorating accessories.  Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Man Utd  are the obvious choices but for other clubs just go to the team’s main website and you should find a link to the store.


The fact that most teams rely upon one basic primary colour such as Red or Blue for their strip is partly a blessing and a curse. Getting an exact colour match from a swatch of fabric or piece of wallpaper can be difficult. Your local B&Q or paint merchant will be able to mix colours which are very close but you’ll rarely get it exactly right. For this reason it’s probably safer to adopt a fairly  neutral  scheme and add splashes of colour with borders,  bedding and accessories. Use paint colours for the trim if you want to but be careful you don’t over do it.

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