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As a parent of a school age child you’ll be all too aware of the amount of time our kids are spending sat at a desk in front of a computer or doing homework – and you’ll also appreciate that bad posture can lead to problems in later life. You can help your kids develop good posture though by having desks and chairs which are height adjustable. There is now quite a good selection of children’s study furniture with an ergonomic design and it doesn’t have to cost more than the standard alternative.

Kid’s ergonomic desks are not only beneficial for posture and comfort, but can also be  multi-functional, sleek and contemporary, giving their rooms a designer feel. Desks are a must for secondary school children and as more and more kids are shunning University campuses, these desks will provide a useful study area for years to come.

Kid's budget level ergo desk

The Moll Starter Desk offers the benefits of a posture friendly design with a budget price comparable to many standard form children’s desks. Available from Back2  it’s a basic design that does exactly what a desk should do. The height is fully adjustable with a hook-in fitting that is easy enough for children to operate. It also has two pen trays, a book holder and is anti-slip.

Ergonomic desk designed for children

For a sleeker approach you could try  the Moll desk with adjustable legs, top and extra-wide drawer from The height of the desk is easily adjusted and the desktop itself can be inclined to a more natural position which is great for reading and artwork. The book stand can be clipped off and moved around the desk and the large drawer comes in extremely handy. It even has a sliding arm-rest which doubles as an anti-slip feature and a ruler!

Children's ergonomic desk with custom space themed design

The Moll  desk is also available in in range of custom designs – this outer space design would sit perfectly in a spaced themed room. You can also choose from fantasy, flowers and hearts for a truly personalised feel.

Children's wooden desk with height adjustable legs and tilting table top

The Haba Marcello Desk from Kid’s Rooms is a quality wooden desk with height adjustable legs and tilting table top. The idea is that this desk can be adjusted as your child grows, so they can never grow out of it – even the matching chair has an adjustable back rest!
Unlike many other ergonomic desks, it’s made entirely from wood for a natural finish that is much more traditional than metal, yet it still has a modern edge. The netting pockets are very handy for pencil cases, books and nick nacks.

Although the design is original and compact the working area does look rather restricted and this might prove a problem for older kid’s?

Children's fully adjustable study desk

The Vision Desk from Ropox is part of a range of adjustable desks and study furniture that is primarily for children and adults with disabilities but which can also be beneficial for  able-bodied children. This desk has two sections that tilt individually by way of a  hand crank, making it extremely easy for children to operate.

Maxi Bobby

Maxi is the “traditional” school desk and the largest kids height adjustable desk and chair set sold by Best Desk.

Whilst retaining a height adjustable desk and chair, the Maxi does not have an adjustable angled desktop. Instead, the Maxi is a desk with a lid, which lifts up safely by way of a hydraulic strut giving access to the spacious storage area underneath. The lid is angled in the normal position, thus allowing the correct posture for reading. It can be adjusted to lay flat simply by lifting the levers on each side, so that your child can write and play.

The seatback of the height adjustable chair is ventilated to create better airflow. Maxi includes a foldaway cup holder to prevent spillage of drinks and a handy slot in the desktop to store pens and pencils. An optional bookstand which rotates through 360 degrees and LED lamp are available as extras.

Bobby is blue, but not sad. Boys will be happy with the strong, but not so dark colour, and Chelsea fans even more so! Having a good surface and correct posture will enhance your boy’s study time. Use the handy hook on the side to store your water bottle, to keep your brain healthy as well as active.

If you are looking specifically for study furniture which is designed for accessibility then DLF Data have a comprehensive listing of products and suppliers.

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