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Not long now until the children finish school for the holidays and if you’re anything like me that statement will fill you with utter dread. There is not only the question of what to do with them during the holidays, but the inevitable fact that the house becomes a cluttered, unhabitable mess of discarded clothes, toys, artwork and biscuit crumbs. Whilst I can’t magic up a Mary Poppins type figure to come into your home, I can suggest a few ways in which, if you plan now, you can at least avoid some of the clutter and maintain your home’s inner karma.

Multipurpose Play Table With Trundle Drawers

There are plenty of great storage ideas on the high street at the moment. Cheap plastic boxes make great stacking boxes but personally I’m not keen on the lurid colours or the fact that they rarely ever stay stacked. Which is why I just love this playtable with built in trundle drawers from GLTC.

It’s much sturdier than plastic and the deep drawers are fantastic for keeping games and toys in which your kids can take out to set up on the table and then it’s not too much effort to simply swipe it all back into the drawers. As an extra bonus you can always give your kids some paints and a brush and a whole afternoon is spent happily jazzing up and personalising their play table.

Children's sweet heart table and chair set

The same kind of theme is prevalent with this rather cute sweet heart storage table and chair set from GLTC. Yes it does have the plastic trays but they sit neatly underneath the table, out of sight but easily accessible. What I love about that too, is that the trays are tilted so children can easily see what they need without having to get every tray out to search for those elusive glitter pens or lego pieces.

The table comes with two sweet little chairs enabling your treasures to get creative and more importantly — encouraging them to keep all their things in one place!

Dotty Dolls House

Now for all dolls house fans out there, don’t you just love this adorable doll’s house bookcase? Four different compartments make up this unique design that little girls will love! Your little princess can store her books, toys and dolls and what’s more, she’ll spend hours rearranging them all in this little house! From GLTC it looks great and is a fantastic addition to any girl’s room.

Toy Boxes

We never had such a thing as a toy box as children. Our toys went under our beds or stacked on shelves. Course I was an 80’s child and so my toys were largely confined to balls, elastic bands, dolls and board games, therefore storage for my meagre collection of toys was hardly an issue! Today’s child has so many toys that one toy box is simply not enough. My children have two toy boxes each and I’m still reduced to shoving games under their beds!

Or perhaps I just need a decent toy box that has plenty of room to hold an entire toy shop collection in? A bottomless box would be quite handy actually! Sadly an inventor has yet to enter Dragons Den with such an idea so for now these fantastic toy boxes will have to do!

Personalised Toy Skip Toy Box

This skip toy box is such a fun idea! Keeping their rooms tidy will be a doddle when you can just throw toys into the skip! My children thought it hilarious when I showed it to them! Best of all, you can overfill this skip for no extra charge!

Wooden framed toy box with soft fabric covering

These fabric toy boxes are lovely and colourful and will brighten your child’s room with their fun prints. Furniture123 have a range of storage boxes for you to browse and you can even get other children’s furniture to match. What’s so good about these is that they also make comfy seats!

A real wood toy chest with four animal faces beaming out from its front and side panels

Another fantastic design is this Four Friends toy chest from Kids Room which has four fun animal faces beaming their friendly smiles from the front and sides. They are at their happiest when all the toys are back in the box! Made from natural rubberwood this traditional toy chest is also strong and durable.

Sevi Le Cirque Toy Chest

Now I do love combining toy boxes with seating to make the most of the space available and this colourful storage chest from John Lewis does just that! This colourful wooden chest is ideal for keeping the nursery tidy as there’s plenty of room inside for toys and games. Finished with friendly circus animals, it is topped with removable padded cushions so it will also provide extra seating.

Traditional child-friendly style wooden toy box in ivory-white painted poplar.

Feather and Black are renowned for their distinctive, high quality children’s furniture and this is finely illustrated in these Noah toy boxes. Made with children in mind, there is a good gap between the box and the lid to ensure little fingers are not trapped. They come in four different colours so choosing one to match the decor should be child’s play!

All teddies need a good home and these toy storage boxes provide the very finest of homes for the very finest of teddy bears!

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Toy Storage

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