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As any parent knows, keeping a child’s room tidy and organised can be like fighting back the tide. No sooner have you purchased another bookcase or shelving unit then the amount of children’s paraphernalia collected will expand to overwhelm it. This can become expensive and a big demand on your valuable leisure time which is why we like the Northcote Modular Shelving System from GLTC. An idea which is so simple and versatile you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Lifestyle image showing Northcote units in a child's pink bedroom

Home Study, Room Divider or Practical Storage

Start with a simple toy box and interlocking shelf unit and then add extra modular units as you go along to create a simple play room storage unit, versatile bedroom storage, a child’s home study, a useful and practical room divider or a convenient set of hallway furniture. The possibilities are truly endless and limited only by your imagination.

Northcote units used as a storage wall

Toy Boxes, Interlocking Shelving Units and Handy Storage Boxes

Made from solid painted MDF, the units use an ingenious inter-locking system, secured firmly with the simple turn of a screwdriver so you can add and rearrange units in minutes. Simply buy extra units as and when you need them; there are also useful backing panels you can add in the form of pin-boards or a black-board which are ideal when you want to divide a shared room into two distinct units.

Northcote units used as a storage solution in a family room

The full range of Northcote storage units and drawer units  are available from Great Little Trading Co.

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Northcote Storage

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