Lego Storage

Lego evokes childhood memories in most of us and there can hardly be a child in the country that doesn’t like Lego and I know a fair few that are obsessed by it! Lego is not just a toy now either, they have branched out into the film and computer game industry too, so is it surprising that they also do children’s furniture? Ok, maybe not actual furniture, I can’t see all those knobs being too comfortable, but as storage they are almost unbeatable!

Children's storage boxes in the shape of lego bricks

It’s a brilliant, simple yet effective idea really. Lego is versatile, lightweight and easily stackable, the perfect product for storage. It’s also colourful and attractive, brightening up a child’s room and making storage seem fun — which has to be a great idea! Essentially you are getting two for the price of one; a practical storage solution for children’s rooms and a great toy for the kids. So popular are these Lego storage blocks that even adults are finding them irresistible!

Lego Storage Bricks

Why not be creative with your storage? Store and build with these giant Lego bricks that can be stacked on top of other bricks in any way you want! They come in all different sizes and colours. Perfect for keeping all those Lego pieces together as well other games, toys and other bits of clutter.

Red storage brick

You can also buy a mini Lego storage set that fit neatly onto bookshelves or on desks and can be used to store stationery or even food items — why not combine with the Lego lunch box to make lunchtimes more interesting? Again they have a range of colours and sizes that are all stackable and great fun!

Child's yellow lunch box in the shape of a Lego brick

Lego Storage Heads

My Lego sets always used to have the odd head rolling around that never had a body of its own. Those heads can now be put to good use by acting as storage heads. Perhaps you can keep all your odd heads in this one giant Lego head?

Children's storage container in the shape of a Lego head

Alternatively it makes a great desk piece for pens and pencils! Girls love Lego just as much as boys, which is why the aforementioned Lego head also comes as a girl. You can either have a giant or a small head — or both!

Lego Storage Baskets

And if your kids still think that the bin is situated under their beds then this Lego storage basket should help change their minds. It can either be a wastepaper bin or another storage container, but with its Lego head shaped handle it’s bound to be a hit with the kids!

Child's storage basket with Lego head lid

Stack, play and put away — Lego storage really does provide fun and entertaining storage solutions to children’s rooms!

Lego storage boxes are available on-line from Amazon, John Lewis and

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