Lazzari Modular Storage

We are waging a war on clutter and it’s about time our secret weapon was unleashed — lazzari storage modules. These innovate shelving and storage ideas instantly transform a room and clutter is eliminated before you can say “exterminate”! Easy to assemble, lightweight and yet sturdy and tough. The individual nylon storage drawers allow them to personalise their room to any quirky style they like! With innovative designs like these, clutter doesn’t stand a chance!

A wall of storage made up from individual Lazzari components

The storage is made up of cubes that are sold in double or singular modules and can be joined together with other cubes to make shelves or they can stand alone. Used as open storage the double cubes are great for books, folders, CDs, DVDs or games. Team them up with these nylon drawers that come in a wide range of designs for that funky, individual look. You can go for one colour or theme, or you can mix and match — go wild!

This bold red, white and blue arrangement is achieved by using coloured storage drawers

Lazzari Furniture

They also come in vertical units, ideal as bedside drawers or a bookshelf. You choose whether to have them vertical or horizontal, drawers or stand alone, stacked or not. Create your own look and have fun! Get some half cubes to stack or join onto other cubes and use them as extra storage for all those small bits and pieces children have a habit of collecting — they can be used as shelves or you can fit small nylon drawers into them which are fantastic for storing games like lego and meccano sets.

A storage unit made up of 12 canvas drawers and one modular storage unit
If you just want a chest of lightweight drawers then this merchants chest is just the thing! It has 12 deep drawer spaces into which you can place any design of nylon drawer — why not mix and match for an eye-catching effect? Or you could leave some shelves open for books, CDs, DVDs and games. Or how about a horizontal drawer unit (or vertical if you like, don’t let us tell you how to arrange them!) that can be used as a bookshelf or handy storage cubes and a bench/table/extra shelf.

Another example of how coloured storage drawers can be used to create a colour theme

Lazzari Tidy Tubs

That’s the beauty of these great storage cubes from lazzari. You can stack them, fill them with drawers, arrange them how you wish, buy as little or as many as you like — it’s really up to you! And of course, if you get fed up with the look you can always take them apart and re-arrange them. Many come with castors for easy manoeuvrability and with a wide range of drawer designs to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Lazzari’s range of  storage units are available from Great Little Trading Co.

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