Rearward-facing Baby Seats

There has been a lot in the news recently about the correct car seat for your child. The safest way for children to travel is in a child car seat that is suitable for their weight and size, and is correctly fitted in the car. A properly fitted child car seat will help to prevent your […]

Dinosaur Bedroom

Dinosaurs will always hold a fascination for little boys and girls with big imaginations as they are the real-life monsters which inhabit their fantasy worlds. Before long most little ones know the names of the most fearsome dinosaurs such as T-Rex and Stegosaurus and their dinosaur collection will grow from cuddly dinosaur toys to scary […]

Children’s Study Furniture

If you have a child going to secondary school in September then you’ll suddenly become aware of how inadequate the space in your child’s bedroom is. Homework can be pretty intense at secondary school — it’s no longer wise for them to revise their spellings in front of CBBC. They need a space that is […]

We pride ourselves in sourcing the best products and ideas for kids bedrooms including bedding, kids curtains and matching childrens-bedroom accessories. We have a large selection of products available for you to browser in our shop.

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It’s time for things that go bump in the night; for witches on brooms and a full shining moon; for pumpkin heads and  ghostly dreads; wicked spiders and headless riders – yes it’s Halloween and the perfect excuse for a spooky party that would not be complete without some of our Halloween decorations to scare […]

Childrens Waiting Room Furniture

A selection of  waiting room furniture for children, perfect for dentists,  doctors  or libraries. The range includes children’s activity tables, wooden toys, and Bean Bags. This activity table  from Kids’ Rooms, can help develop manipulative skills, and the brightly-coloured wires and beads can be used to help children to learn about colours, shapes and numbers.  A great wooden bead table […]

Pirates Theme Bedrooms

Shiver ‘me timbers — Pirates have been around since as long as there have been ships to carry them, and that’s a long time. Recent events may have done their legendary status some harm but the theme is still a popular one with young boys.  Treasure Island, Captain Hook and the Pirates of the Caribbean […]

Nautical Themes

There are a few decorating themes  based on life at or around the sea and they often merge –  a beach or seaside theme, for instance, can also be described as nautical although I tend to think the term refers to life on the sea rather than beside it? Classic nautical colours are navy blue, […]