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Use these children's lighting ideas to compliment your theme...

Nowadays, lighting isn’t just about function. Open any magazine and you’ll find articles on how to incorporate different lighting themes, what lights work best where, and how to create an impact through lighting. These valuable lessons can also be incorporated in to your child’s bedroom.

Firstly, it’s important that task specific lighting is installed in the correct places; i.e. desk light, bedside light, overhead light. Individually controlled, they can be used for task specific purposes or switched on together or in combination to increase or decrease the amount of lighting available to your child. By creating lighting options in areas where specific tasks will be completed you won’t be forcing your child to rely on a single overhead light that may prove too bright or too generic for activities that take place in that area. Imagine trying to get your child to sleep with a bedtime story and only an overhead light to read from!

Children's string lights  to compliment a nautical theme

But when thinking about your lighting, try to also think in terms of the theme of your child’s bedroom. String or fairy lighting is probably the easiest to incorporate in to a child’s room, making a bedside or night lamp unnecessary. LED lighting is a fantastic choice as it’s economical to run and low voltage and so is incredibly safe for use around children.

String lighting depicting an outer space theme

With so many great choices in novelty string lighting available you can continue the décor of your kid’s room in to the lighting; add flowers, butterflies or dragonflies to little girl’s rooms or boats and lighthouses, or spacemen for the boys.

Kid's bedside nightlights in the shape of animals

Bedside lamps that provide a single source of illumination suitable for use throughout the night can also be purchased in keeping with the theme of your child’s room. Mushroom and toadstool lights complete with fairy doors, a bone china owl or rabbit, these are great products that emit a comforting glow that will keep the monsters of the night at bay.

Kid's string lights made of felt in pac-man shapes

A great way to incorporate lighting is too look for ways to create unique lighting suitable for use in your child’s room. For example, take a string of lights and wrap it around an old lampshade frame and hang it, by the lights, over a desk. Ikea have a great range of children’s lighting, including a range of novelty wall lights that would look great in any kids room. Their stores and website offer inspiration on lighting options and placement and is well worth a look if you’re stuck on ideas.

Child's chandelier style pendant lamp

Even older children will love the inclusion of more unusual lighting choices and there are great options available that can be adapted to their bedroom. All lighting can be used in ways not normally considered; think about twin pendant lights above double or twin beds, or place spotlights over a desk. Whatever your child’s age, lighting can be used to bring together a theme and provide not just function but an aesthetic quality that can be used as a unique focus point for their personal space.

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