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Children's wooden cabin bedMarks and Spencer are famous for producing mouth-wateringly delicious food with seductive adverts to match; and their clothes range has been taken up a notch to compete with designer fashions and catwalk styles.

Now that same dedication to quality and luxury can be seen in their kids bedroom furniture, with cute, fun and funky designs to help create them their own little sanctuaries in which they will want to spend time — and not just for sleeping.

The M & S kids bedroom furniture range is full of practical and stylish storage ideas for all those toys, games, clothes and clutter that kids love to surround themselves with! Gorgeous wooden wardrobes feature drawers and shelves so that you can fit more in.

They also have handy little bedside cabinets; bookcases that are just the right height for little ones; dressing tables fit for princesses and deep wooden drawers that can store clothes, games, books, puzzles, toys and everything else that seems to accumulate on the floor of a child’s bedroom! What’s more, there is a style to fit every kind of bedroom theme and their kids furniture is designed to maximise storage whilst taking up the minimum of space.

Marks and Spencer Kids Beds & Furniture

M & S insist on only the finest materials being used to make their range of bedroom furniture and beds and this is very much apparent in the quality of workmanship that is evident at first glance and in details such as the usage of non-toxic, child safe paint.

The Marks and Spencer sleep station cabin bed with a white painted finish

These kids beds will last until your children are having children of their own and they can then use the beds their parents had as children! If any furniture is to be passed down to the next generation, it is the well made Marks and Spencer kids bedroom furniture. What’s more they have a timeless classic style that will never go out of fashion.

White painted bunk beds from Marks & Spencer

As most children’s bedrooms are smaller than the master bedroom, space is always going to be an issue, especially when you have children sharing a room. A well made bunk bed will solve that problem; providing comfy and safe beds for your children.

The Marks and Spencer bunk beds come either as fixed bunks, a conversion option into two single beds or a high sleeper that will incorporate storage solutions underneath so that you can make the most of the space available.

Marks and Spencer single bed with storage drawer underneath

The clever designs don’t just stop at bunk beds; Marks and Spencer’s kids single beds also utilise space by incorporating drawers that slide smoothly under the bed and can be used for spare bedding or even, in some cases, another single bed that can be pulled out for sleepover guests. Now that really is clever!

Marks and Spencer Kids Bedding

Nothing makes a bed seem cosier and more snug than some bright and gorgeous bedding! The bedding can either make the bed the feature of the room, or camouflage it by matching the overall decor and theme. And there are lots of themes to choose from with Marks and Spencer kids bedding, from animals, to favourite characters; bold colours to soft pastels. Girls can dream of princesses and their very own Prince Charming with Disney bedsets whilst boys can side with Andy’s toys with Toy Story bed covers.

Girl's character bedding set

Marks and Spencer even have a range of anti-allergy pillows and duvets to ensure that nothing disturbs your child’s sleep. So let them drift off peacefully, snuggled down in-between soft, silky sheets and duvets as light and as fluffy as clouds with their colourful designs reminding them of all their favourite things!

Marks and Spencer Kids Bedroom Accessories

Of course a bedroom isn’t just about furniture, but about all the little bits and pieces that make it unique and individual to that child.

Child's stuffed toy

Therefore M&S also have a stunning range of children’s curtains, rugs, cushions and throws as well as hangers, photo frames, pinboards, stuffed toys and alarm clocks so that children can add their personal touch to their rooms. Why not browse through the selection of Marks and Spencer kids bedroom accessories with your child so they can feel involved in the creation of their wonderful rooms!

A child’s bedroom isn’t just a place for them to lay down their sleepyheads, but also a place of play, where their imaginations need to be stimulated and with enough easy storage to enable parents to keep it clean and tidy! Getting that balance isn’t so easy, but Marks and Spencer have teamed up with some fantastic designers and craftsmen to bring you a range of kids bedroom furniture fit for royalty!

Marks and Spencer Kid's Furniture

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