John Lewis Kids’ Furniture

John Lewis’ high standards are not compromised when it comes to kids’ furniture and so if you are moving home, updating your rooms for a fresh new look, replacing outgrown furniture or preparing for a new addition to the family, John Lewis are the company you can rely on for high quality furniture at affordable prices.

Ashton white bedroom furniture

John Lewis kids’ furniture shines out from the rest for the variety and detail of their ranges; the child friendly designs; inspirational themes and co-ordinating looks. They manage to combine practicality with fun so that no matter how small the room you have to work with, John Lewis kids’ furniture cleverly combines storage and style with other space-saving ideas.

John Lewis Children’s Beds

One of the most important pieces of furniture in any child’s room is the bed and it is usually the focal point of the room. You may wish to make their bed into a feature and at John Lewis you will find an array of inspired beds in the shape of cars, surfer cabins, princess carriages and so on — your child will be begging to go to bed!

Children's cabin style bed with drawer unit, bookcase and desk

But for those who prefer more traditional yet practical beds there are plenty of bunk beds, beds with inbuilt desks and drawers and guest beds for sleepovers. As with all of their products, John Lewis children’s beds are crafted with high quality workmanship at affordable prices.

John Lewis Children’s Bedding

Once the bed is in place you’ll need some bedding to finish it off and transform it from a plain old bed into an epiphany of colour worthy of the vehicle that transports your children to dreamland each night.

Girl's princess themed bedding set

Choose from modern to vintage; pastel colours to bold and bright prints. John Lewis children’s bedding can be themed on dinosaurs or butterflies; monsters or princesses or just patterned in a style and design to suit the room. Tuck your children in each night between crisp new sheets, under a cosy and snuggly duvet and lay their heads on a soft plump pillow that will soothe their sleepy minds and get them off to a good nights’ sleep.

John Lewis Little Home

John Lewis’ kids bedrooms have been so popular that John Lewis have launched their own range of children’s bedroom furniture called John Lewis Little Home. These are a range of colourful and co-ordinating designs that are inspired by children for children. You can either choose to stick to the themes or mix and match for a more colourful, random approach — it’s entirely up to you!

Little Home for Boys

Little boys and their toys are fully catered for with the John Lewis Little Home collection of children’s furniture. Choose from Robots and Rivets with its mechanical themes full of cogs, wheels and robot friends; or Here, There and Everywhere which is inspired by transport including planes, trains and automobiles! Or for the seafaring type there is Ahoy There! which is full of sailor blues, buntings, ships and lifebelts — boys won’t need much encouragement to imagine that they are sailing on the deep blue ocean on a rescue mission to the Artic!

Boy's robot themed bedding

This is what I love the most about these themes, they inspire and encourage children to use their imaginations and turn their bedrooms into playrooms! That plain old bed now becomes an aeroplane that is soaring through the skies, past the skyscraper wardrobe and drawer houses, over the blue ocean of the floor before making a safe landing on the narrow airstrip rug. Once more the bedroom becomes something to get excited about and a place where children will spend time playing and exploring their environment.

Little Home for Girls

For little girls, pink hearts and stars adorn the room in the Make a Little Wish theme that is full of magical delight! Arty and creative girls will love the Button Box theme that is full of crafty bits and pieces including patchwork quilts, bunting and little fairy lights and Tropical Garden is a riot of bold colours and prints of flowers, birds, spots and stripes! Your little girl will feel as though she is princess of all she surveys from her grand throne on the bed!

Girl's themed bedding set depicting a village green scene

John Lewis also do a range of kids’ bedroom accessories to match all of these themes and more, so why not put your trust into one of Britain’s oldest and best department stores and let them transform your children’s rooms into lands beyond their imaginations, whilst you can relax knowing that each piece of furniture is child friendly and sturdy enough to withstand the most ferocious of airplane attacks!

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