Children’s Drawers

Drawers — where would we be without them? Such a simple concept and yet so very essential, it’s hard to imagine what people did before drawers came along. But then I suppose they didn’t have as many clothes to put in them! There probably isn’t a household in the UK that doesn’t have a set of drawers and in children’s rooms they are almost as essential as a bed or cot.

Thankfully the days of white chip-board drawers that fall apart as soon as you touch them have long gone, to be replaced by sturdy, solid sets that should last years. But sturdy and solid doesn’t mean boring, certainly not for children’s rooms! Have a look at some of these examples that range from natural wood to bright and colourful.

Child friendly chest of drawers in ivory-white painted poplar

Us parents can be very demanding, we don’t just want a chest of drawers for children, we want lots of storage and a high quality finish that will last, whilst children just want it to look good! Well these examples have both. This Noah Drawer Chest has no less than 7 drawers for maximum storage of all those kids’ clothes. Rounded edges and metal drawer stoppers make it a safe choice for little fingers too.

Kid's wooden drawers with brass knobs

This 3 drawer chest from The Dormy House  is a simple design, the carcass and drawers are mdf but the legs are solid beech and you also get a range of options such a choice of finishes and a selection of drawer handles from wood to brass.

Sleek contemporary chest of drawers

Older children will love the modern look of these Hoxton drawers. They are sleek and contemporary and for fans of Twilight, they also come in midnight black!

Wooden chest of drawers painted in soft ivory

This ivory chest from The Children’s Furniture Company  is another simple but practical design with 3 large drawers on smooth runners. The pink highlighting is a nice detail which makes this set of drawers the ideal choice for a girl’s bedroom.

Solid wooden drawers with mouse handle carved out of the drawers.

You can always rely on Fairbourn to come up with something totally original and this set of drawers with cut-out mouse shaped handles is no exception. Available in pale green or cream and the inside of the drawers is natural antique pine. What is it about mice that kid’s love so much – I’ll never understand?

Solid pine dresser with a natural antiqued finish

Natural wood colour is extremely striking and makes a huge impact in a room, so get the sophisticated, stylish look with this antique-look children’s drawer set that has a very modern, reasonable price tag. It’s made from solid pine and is a great piece of furniture that will grow with your child.

Children's solid chest of drawers in oak veneered finish

Or for the modern wood finish this Fairford children’s chest has lashings of style. Made from oak with leather handles, it’s pure indulgence!

Wooden chest of drawers with natural wood finish

The Maxtrix dresser from John Lewis is a simple but functional piece of furniture and built to last – what more is there to say? It’s part of the Maxtrix furniture system but there is nothing to stop you buying this set of drawers on their own.

Funky children's drawers in blue with chunky handles

We’ve seen a few examples of children’s furniture which has been described as fun and funky but the Mammut chest from Ikea is the one that gets it just right we think. It’s colourful and whimsical but still a useful and great value  furniture  piece.

Kid's cabinet with brightly coloured drawer fronts

While we are on the subject of colourful and zany furniture the Juicy Fruits chest of drawers from Aspace is certainly both of these. Whether this combination of colours will prove  conducive  to a restful night’s sleep though is another matter?

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