Children’s Designer Furniture

Children’s furniture has moved on from 20 years ago when it was all plain, made from  MDF and white. Now there are exciting and fun designs to choose from that totally transform a child’s room! If you are about to undertake a room makeover then take a look at some of these designer children’s furniture ideas. They are innovative, funky, fun and certainly have the WOW factor!

Designer Kids Bookcases

Modular shelving is all the rage right now but I guarantee you won’t have seen anything like this striking Urban Modular Bookshelf. It comes in many different colours and combinations and slots together easier than A,B,C. Create a wacky, funky design that will become a focal point in your child’s room.

Book shelving made from modular units in red, white and black

Or why not keep a polar bear in your room? Don’t worry, he’s fully domesticated! This zany animal bookcase will certainly keep the kids entertained and would look great in an animal lover’s room. There are many other animal shapes in the zoomorphic   range of kids furniture so check them all out!

Children's book shelves in the shape of a polar bear

Designer Kids Chairs

There were so many wonderfully creative chairs to choose from that it was hard work just picking out a couple. This kids  puppy chair just had to be on my list though! He is adorable and totally house trained! He comes in many different colours and sizes and is perfect for children to climb all over, play with and sit on!

Kid's designer chair shaped like an orange puppy Kid's designer chairs

Next had to be these very surprising upside down kids chairs! Made by the famous Nordic designer Eero Aarnio, these chairs come in two different heights, a low seat for small children and just flip it over and it becomes a taller seat. More than that, if you lay it down it becomes a horse that actually rocks! A clever design that allows children to use their imaginations to the full and create all sorts of wonderful scenarios with these delightful, brightly coloured  chairs!

Children's play seating

This playful range of Silly Soft Seating from  P’Kolino is  not just a cute and funky design but also a versatile collection of everyday kid’s furniture. The adorable soft foam characters can be used as a climbing frame, cute companion or just as fun and original occasional seating.    P’Kolino  is a designer children’s furniture brand hitherto only available in the US – but these modular seating units are now available in the UK from Firebox

Designer Kids Tables

Now if it’s a play table you are looking for then you’ll want something that will inspire them and encourage imaginative play. This fabulous little play  table is by designers Grito El Ultimo and Marcel Wanders and is unique in the fact that your children get to decorate it themselves! The transparent feet are hollow to allow for coloured stones or stand to fill them up and the top comes in several different varieties — so they choose the design of their own table!

Designer Play Table Odd shaped children's table

Older children will love the contemporary feel of this smooth and rounded table by Marie Leblon. Designed for use both indoors and outdoors this beautiful table celebrates  everything curved  and comes in a bold red.

Just one piece of well placed, stylish furniture will create a focal point for your child’s room that will draw children in and inspire those budding artists and designers! Discover designer children’s furniture for yourself.

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