Kid’s Rugs

No matter what kind of flooring you opt for in your children’s room a rug is a great way of adding extra comfort, a bit  of character  and a focal point. Rugs are not just a useful accessory but are ideal for adding colour to a room without the sometimes overwhelming effect which results from an over use of colour on walls and ceilings.

You may have already opted for a plain coloured floor for practical reasons and a colourful patterned rug   can be the finishing touch that compliments your decorating theme. The kind of rug to go for will depend upon your choice of flooring – for hard wooden floors a deep pile wool rug will be ideal but for a carpeted room a flat-weave rug will be better suited.

Shaped Rugs

Rugs which take the form of a cute animal, character or an object like a racing car, for instance, are always popular with young kids and there are numerous designs to choose from.

Bear shaped children's rug

This Bear Rug is made from 100% acrylic so is easy to keep clean and will last for years – available in the brightly coloured form above or in an understated purple/grey combination.    At £209 it isn’t the cheapest kids rug you’ll find but is sure to be a hit with the kids and it’s durability is ideal for children’s rooms. From Heals

Play Rugs

Play rugs are large in format and as the name suggests, are designed to be a soft and comfortable area for kids to play on. Again you are spoilt for choice when it comes to themes and colours but the most important consideration will be how comfortable it is and how long it will last.  Natural fibres like cotton and wool are best for comfort but acrylic will be more durable. A mix of the two  is also widely available and offers a cheaper compromise.

Kid's cute dog themed play rug

This cute dog themed play rug – aptly named Woof Woof – is made from 100% pure wool tuft and is as comfy as it is cute. At 1.2m x 1.7m the large format size makes a great play surface – just watch those crayons. £195 from Designers Guild

Striped Rugs

A classic striped rug is a great way to introduce a rainbow of colours to a plain floor. Choose from a selection of colourful funky designs or go understated with a range of colour shades from one palette that may perhaps suit a colour themed room.

soft and luxurious striped rug made from 100% wool

This fabulously colourful rug is made from 100% wool and is hand-tufted. £65 from Babyface at

Circular Rugs

A circular rug makes the ideal focal point in a room and can be used as a useful colour accent as well as adding a sense of fun and individuality to a room.

Kid's circular rug from Ikea

This bright and bold circular kid’s rug is called Lekfull Stad – which means Playful City, but you knew that right? However the bright colours really stand out and it has a latex backing to help keep it one place – useful for wooden floors and at £5.10 it’s one of the cheapest kids rugs you’ll find. From Ikea – (in stores only).

Sheepskin Rugs

Natural sheepskin rugs are the perfect choice for a an infants room – totally natural, cozy and  irresistably soft;  you just can’t beat the feel!

Kid's sheepskin rug

This baby sheepskin rug is super soft and perfect for a baby’s room. £49 from John Lewis

How much should you pay for a children’s rug?

Obviously how much you spend will depend upon your budget and some of the really cheap character themed rugs are ideal if you just want to satisfy a short lived fad. However, if you want a rug which will last for years  then it really does make sense to invest in quality. If you are spending more than £50 say, then you might want to consider how well it go with future decorating themes and your child’s ever changing tastes. So play safe with colours and pattern if you are thinking very long term.

What else do you need to know?

Other things you might want to consider are things like allergies and whether you have pets – a quality rug can soon be ruined if your cat decides it is the ideal place to exercise its claws!

Think also about cleaning – some rugs are machine washable but most are not – so professional cleaning is a cost you need to think about, especially once children get hold of felt-tip pens!

Most importantly – on a hard smooth floor a rug can present a dangerous slip hazard. Some rugs already come with  latex or rubber backing but if not you can get special rug underlays which will hold it securely  in place  and is a small extra cost worth incurring.

Kid's Rugs

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