Presentation & Display

Kid's magnetic notice board with a light green background and white polka dotsA bed, cupboard, drawers and other furniture are essential bedroom items for your child but these are not what gives the room its character, nor are they a true reflection of your child’s personality. Think of children’s rooms as blank canvases just waiting to be brought to life in the form of posters, artwork, pinboards and displays which bring colour and personalisation to a child’s room.

Providing a means of displaying your child’s prized possessions, works of art and favourite toys is a way of allowing him or her to develop a sense of identity and can also be a simple means of providing decoration.

Typical display areas will include the top of a bookcase, window-sills, noticeboards and shelving. Ceiling areas can also be utilized with hanging mobiles and suspending model aeroplanes, etc. Try to ensure that display areas are easily accessible and that they can change things as their tastes develop.

Notice Boards

Pin boards are a simple way of providing a display area but you don’t have to be restrictive to just one pin board, why not cover an entire wall with cork tiles or use blackboard paint to make a big display area where they can write on the wall and exhibit their latest artwork?

You can even buy such a thing as magnetic paint which you can use to transform a large wall area into a huge  noticeboard. The great thing about this is that it’s entirely changeable so that as your child’s tastes and preferences change, so can their display area.


Wooden shelves are relatively inexpensive and easy to fix. Providing one or two wall shelves will encourage them to creat their own displays and maybe even start of a collecting hobby? Just ensure that any shelving  or bookcases are securely fastened to the walls and that children don’t have to climb on them to reach the top.

Posters and Photos

Posters and pictures are a great way to add some personality to a room and kids will need no encouragement when it comes to fixing them to the wall. You can also think about framing some of their favourite pieces of artwork and providing an area where they can fix photos and magazine cuttings. Try adding spotlights to highlight some of their favourite posters or artwork.

Glass clip  frames are brilliant for photo collages or you could have a digital photo display mounted on the wall with interchangable photos for a truly modern display. You can even get magnetic photo frames and spinning frames which make a feature of your favourite photos.

Themed walls are a great way to ensure that they don’t get carried away with the picture display habit. Having one dedicated wall where they can create a collage of their own choosing is a good way of maintaining some order and if you are worried about pin-holes or blu-tack stains then at least if you restrict it to just one wall, you don’t have to re-decorate the entire room once they’ve finished.