Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

Present buying for kids during Christmastime can be fraught with difficulties. The latest toys and gadgets always seem to be way out of budget, plus you run the risk of either getting them something they already have or buying them a replica present that someone else has already thought of. This is what makes personalised gifts for kids such an appealing prospect.

Kids seem to spend an inordinate amount of time cooped up in their rooms so what could be better than a room accessory that will not only brighten up their space but will become a individual and unique gift for them to treasure that will no doubt take pride of place on their walls?

Personalised door name plaque
Pink Girl’s Door Plaque by Hickory Dickory

There are a wide range of unusual, chic, quirky and useful room accessories available that are suitable for boys and girls of all ages, such as personalised name plaques that could be fastened to their door. Kids love name plaques as it’s a defining mark of their territory — as if you didn’t already know that it was their room! And they come in a range of brilliant designs that appeal to both younger and older kids. You can even get multi-functional room plaques with hooks and small chalkboards!

Boy's personalised wall clock with a crocodile painting
Smiley Crocodile Wall Clock by Maxine Pharoah

There are also many other kids room essentials such as personalised clocks and mirrors that will complement the theme and decor of the room but in a much more personal way. Height charts are another popular option and these come in all shapes and sizes that are fully personable and offer a treasured record of that child’s growth and achievements.

Luxury Embroidered Fabric Height Chart
Handmade Personalised Height Chart by Handmade Baby

Of course all of these room accessories are available in many different designs anyway and you may well ask why go to the trouble of personalising them? But adding that extra touch makes the gift much more unique and special to the receiver; it tells them that you’ve not been content with just choosing a mainstream gift for them but have gone the extra mile to choose something appropriate and personal.

However there are still some basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to buying that special gift for their rooms:

Kids are very proud of their rooms and often have a large say in how they are decorated, so when buying a room accessory you really ought to take note of their taste and style and try to pick something that fits in with that. For instance if a girl hates the colour pink and has her room done in purples and violets instead, then she isn’t going to appreciate a Barbie clock regardless of whether it has her name on it or not. So do a little digging and find out what they are into and what interests they have.

Handmade wooden sign for teenagers and their best friends
Personalised ‘My Best Friends’ Sign by Primitive Angel Country Store

This is a gorgeous handmade wooden sign for teenagers and their best friends from Primitive Angel Country Store. It can be made to any colour combination and personalised with ‘Best Friends’ names. It comes with hanging star, heart and flower. Makes a perfect gift and a lifetime keepsake too. You can also order extra shapes separately.

Also take note of their ages, even if you don’t have children yourself you will have some idea of age appropriate gifts, so steer clear of nursery type room accessories for teenagers and stick with bright, basic, colourful and cheerful for younger children. You may think that personalised gifts are only suitable for young children but this simply isn’t the case, so long as you pay attention to the design – opting for classy and sleek themes – older children will be just as delighted by something with their name on it.

Unlike many toys that are given over Christmas, kids’ personalised room accessory gifts will last well until the New Year and many other years ahead. It’s a practical, useful gift idea that will never be stashed away at the bottom of the toy box but on display for all to see.  So for an unusual Christmas gift idea for kids, personalised room accessories will give even the bestselling toys a run for their money!

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