Christmas Tree Decorations for Kids

Personalised baubles and Christmas tree decorations for children can be a poignant reminder of their first Christmas or just be a way to get them involved in preparing for the festivities and feeling as much a part of it as possible. After all Christmas is all about bringing the magic to life for children and what better way to do that than by letting your child choose one very special Christmas decoration that is personal to them?

Kids Personalised Baubles Nativity ShepherdsNativity Shepherds from GLTC. A wonderful way to celebrate a baby’s first Christmas and welcome them into the ‘flock’. This bone china bauble can be personalised with a name and date at the back and after it’s outing on the tree, it can be a traditional Christmas decoration that always remain part of your family.

Personalised china baubles with fairy design

This personalised china bauble with fairy design from SleepyHeads  will make your child feel as special as the Christmas Tree Fairy! Hang this somewhere prominent for all to see, ensuring that your own little princess has pride of place upon the tree.

Kid's personalised bauble with snowman designThis snowman design from The Contemporary Home  actually embraces a more traditional design with a simple, cheery illustration that will appeal to young children. You can choose from four designs that include Father Christmas and a reindeer. Why not get one each for them to hang upon the tree?

Set of ten Christmas baubles for kids

This set of ten Christmas miniature baubles for kids from GLTC  are made with bright, happy little illustrations designed specifically for children. Forget your designer decor and matching decorations, Christmas is all about colour and fun so go all out with these bold little baubles that children will take great pride in decorating the tree with.

Little robins Christmas decorations

Christmas Robins from GLTC  provide something a little different to the old bauble but just as Christmassy! These robin redbreasts in Santa hats will add a touch of adorability to your decorations and look just as great hung over a mantlepiece as well as on the tree!

Children's personalised wooden tree decorations

These wooden tree decorations by Tillie Mint  are handmade in a variety of different shapes, colours and patterns and can be personalised with your child’s name to make a sturdy Christmas decoration that will not smash in tiny hands, making them ideal for young children. The perfect Christmas keepsake that will last as long as you want it to!

Brightly coloured star shaped tree decorationsOr for something a little more unusual try these brightly coloured star shapes from GLTC  that will send the kids dotty with excitement! A glossy, bright  finish means that these stars will definitely have a starring role this Christmas! It beats the usual one colour Christmas star!

Cute owl decorations hung from a dotted ribbon

Cute owl decorations from John Lewis  show that it pays to break with tradition from time to time. These felt owls have a quirky, homemade look to them and are brilliant for hanging up in children’s rooms as part of their very own Christmas decorations!

Cute hedgehog tree decorations

These cute hedgehogs from John Lewis  are actually made out of tin! Cleverly designed, these adorable hedgehogs will grace your tree and bring a little cosy winter warmth in with them.

Little embroidered felt stocking, heart and star

This little embroidered felt stocking, heart and star can be ordered separately  from Laura Windebank Designs  and will doubtless make for a treasured Christmas decoration. They are ever so pretty and  dainty and the  little stocking even opens for you to insert sweets or special little gifts.

Little snowman in personalised plane

How cool is this little snowman in personalised plane by Chantal Devenport Designs? This jolly snowman is happily zooming around delivering gifts to the lucky child whose name is on the side of the plane and he’s much quicker than a sleigh! You really can’t beat this for a delightful Christmas keepsake!

Personalised Christmas Angels

These personalised Christmas angels by Country Heart  place your child firmly on top of the tree, in the most honoured position of all time! Choose from either a boy or girl fairy which is then carefully packaged and sent to you in this wonderful gift box. Make sure your  little angel  knows just how important they are to you this Christmas!

Christmas Tree Decorations

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