Advent Calendars

Parents may dread the countdown to Christmas as it only reminds them of how much they have to do in such a short space of time, but for kids the countdown is exciting and thrilling and Advent Calendars have been part of Christmas since the early 1900’s. When I was a kid the calendar was always religiously themed, with a star, shepherd or sheep behind the doors.

I still got excited each day however as I carefully peeled back the door to see what little picture would be peeping out.  Today, kids have never had it so good — not only do they get a picture behind each door but a chocolate or gift too! And what’s more, they don’t even have to share, they get one each! Can you imagine that?

There’s such a huge range of wonderful Advent Calendars out there, each with hidden surprises behind every door to make the countdown to Christmas even more rewarding and to provide an incentive to get kids out of bed in the dark winter mornings!

Cotton advent countdown bunting with pockets for little gifts

Count down the days before Christmas with this Advent Calendar Bunting by The Cotton Bunting Company with 24 cotton pockets in festive reds and ginghams sewn onto a cotton line ready for you to fill with their favourite treats.

Kid's advent themed craft kit

Young kid’s will love theis Personalised Count Down To Christmas Pack by Hickory Pig which contains a colour-me-in’ advent calendar, coloured pens, a postcard to Santa and a personalised sign to hangon their bedroom door.

Christmas tree wall sticker with numbered baubles so they can count down the days to Christmas

We like original ideas here and this Countdown To Christmas Advent Wall Sticker by The Bright Blue Pig is certainly that. Shaped in the form of a triangular tree with festive graphics and numbered baubles so they can count down the days.

Colourful tree and house themed advent decorations

If you like bright colours than then A Glittery Countdown To Christmas by Clippy may be for you? Choose a brightly coloured cottage or pink festive tree complete with fun and colourful stickers to decorate them with.

Lego advent calendar with mini figures and accessoriesThis calendar has been a best seller so far and comes from the ever popular Lego City range. It is of course the Lego City Advent Calendar from amazon and behind every door there is a new Lego City minifigure, vehicle or accessory that unlike chocolate, will last all year — they’ll think it’s Christmas every morning!

Star Wars themed advent calendar from Lego

New for 2011 the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar comes complete with 24  miniature  characters and accessories that young boys seem to go crazy for. Get yours from John Lewis before they  inevitably  sell out.

Nativity style advent calendar with 24 wooden drawers to store a little giftThis wooden Nativity style advent calendar from John Lewis with 24 wooden drawers to store a little gift is a unique take on a traditional theme. Place a chocolate or small treat in each little drawer and you can forget about the alarm clock for a while at least!

Felt advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree

This cute felt advent calendar from GLTC in the form of a traditional Christmas tree has pretty stitching and sweet little pockets for hiding sweets and treets.

Quilted fabric wall calendarThis quilted fabric advent wall hanging with a cute snowman from John Lewis makes an original advent themed kid’s bedroom accessory that can be used year after year.

Luxury glazed porcelain advent calendar is made in the shape of a fir treeThis luxury glazed porcelain fir tree advent calendar has a brass hook on which you can hang the delicate hand-painted Christmas ornaments. John Lewis are currently awaiting stock of this fabulous centerpiece but you can order one direct now fom Villeroy & Boch

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