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Dinosaur Bedrooms

Dinosaur Bedroom

Dinosaurs will always hold a fascination for little boys and girls with big imaginations as they are the real-life monsters which inhabit their fantasy worlds. Before long most little ones know the names of the most fearsome dinosaurs such as T-Rex and Stegosaurus and their dinosaur collection will grow from cuddly dinosaur toys to scary […]

Seaside Themed Bedroom

The seaside and the beach are now becoming more and more popular as bedroom themes with their shades of cool blues, pinks  and whites interspersed with bold accents of bright red and navy blue conjure up images of nautical adventures, sandcastles and the cry of seagulls in the air – I can almost smell the […]

March of the Robots

Robot themed bedrooms are a popular choice with boys and whilst it might look like a robot invasion – these cute robot pals couldn’t be friendlier. It’s a great room theme as there are so many robot accessories  which makes  it easy to transform an entire room into a mechanical medley of robots with very […]


It’s time for things that go bump in the night; for witches on brooms and a full shining moon; for pumpkin heads and  ghostly dreads; wicked spiders and headless riders – yes it’s Halloween and the perfect excuse for a spooky party that would not be complete without some of our Halloween decorations to scare […]

Pirates Theme Bedrooms

Shiver ‘me timbers — Pirates have been around since as long as there have been ships to carry them, and that’s a long time. Recent events may have done their legendary status some harm but the theme is still a popular one with young boys.  Treasure Island, Captain Hook and the Pirates of the Caribbean […]

Nautical Themes

There are a few decorating themes  based on life at or around the sea and they often merge –  a beach or seaside theme, for instance, can also be described as nautical although I tend to think the term refers to life on the sea rather than beside it? Classic nautical colours are navy blue, […]

Vintage Themes for Kids

Vintage is a name to describe a style which harks back to past times when all was well with the world and floral bedding was the order of the day. Other terms used to describe this theme idea are Country House Style and Shabby Chic.  The style is predominantly floral and traditional with off-white, ivory, […]

Football Crazy

Football themed rooms are actually great ideas when it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms. If they support a particular team you easily go for that team’s colours with a few suitable accessories that will turn an ordinary room into a shrine any football fan would be proud of! So go a little football crazy with […]

Union Jack Bedroom Fabrics & Accessories

Fly the Flag Now that Olympic Games fever is hotting up, so is the passion for all things British. The young and trendy fashionistas of London started the trends for Union Jack clothing and accessories and now the Union flag has received so many modern and creative makeovers that it is fully embraced as a […]

Teenage Rooms

Decorating a teenager’s room is fraught with difficulties as they are certainly not so easy to please! One rule of thumb is never to decorate their rooms as a surprise, get them involved in choosing colours, patterns and designs and above all, remember that this is their room, not yours, so do try to compromise! […]

Space Themed Bedroom

Every little boy dreams of going to space at some point and being a brave astronaut, exploring other planets and doing battle with creatures from outer space. Who knows, one day they might actually become the next Buzz Aldrin, but until then you can encourage them to explore their imaginations without limits by turning their […]