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Craft Room

Craft Room Design Ideas

For anyone who is truly passionate about crafts, having a dedicated room for the purpose makes an amazing difference.  Access to all the right equipment and materials exactly where they’re needed makes the process much easier – no more retrieving bits and pieces from down the back of the sofa or having to clear a […]

Northcote Modular Storage

As any parent knows, keeping a child’s room tidy and organised can be like fighting back the tide. No sooner have you purchased another bookcase or shelving unit then the amount of children’s paraphernalia collected will expand to overwhelm it. This can become expensive and a big demand on your valuable leisure time which is […]

Toy Storage

Not long now until the children finish school for the holidays and if you’re anything like me that statement will fill you with utter dread. There is not only the question of what to do with them during the holidays, but the inevitable fact that the house becomes a cluttered, unhabitable mess of discarded clothes, […]

Lazzari Modular Storage

We are waging a war on clutter and it’s about time our secret weapon was unleashed — lazzari storage modules. These innovate shelving and storage ideas instantly transform a room and clutter is eliminated before you can say “exterminate”! Easy to assemble, lightweight and yet sturdy and tough. The individual nylon storage drawers allow them […]

Lego Storage

Lego evokes childhood memories in most of us and there can hardly be a child in the country that doesn’t like Lego and I know a fair few that are obsessed by it! Lego is not just a toy now either, they have branched out into the film and computer game industry too, so is […]

Soft Storage Containers

Soft storage containers for kid’s rooms are fully mobile, convenient and bright additions to a child’s room. They don’t take up much space and will withstand the roughest of treatment, making them especially ideal for young children. There are many such containers on the market now and if you are decorating a child’s room on […]

Storage Cubes

Cube storage units, furniture and boxes can transform a cluttered room into an organised tidy, neat  area and can help create the illusion of space and order in small rooms. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit into even the most awkward of spaces and it really is surprising just what a difference […]

Stacking Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are still the simplest and cheapest form of storage for children’s bedrooms. They come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colours and the best ones are of course stacking storage boxes which hold a reasonable amount of clutter yet don’t take up too much room. With so many outlets selling stacking storage […]

Hallway Storage

If you are lucky enough to have a rather large hallway then why not make full use of the space with these innovative and stylish storage ideas specially designed to fit into hallway spaces? As hallways are such busy places it makes sense to keep everything you need for those rushed mornings in handy containers […]