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Playroom Ideas for Children

Sometimes children need more space than their bedroom provides to allow play, and a separate playroom is sometimes needed as a vital element in a child’s development. Having a space that is dedicated to their sole use will encourage them to look after it. From an adult’s point of view it stops the rest of […]

Kid’s Chairs

A simple chair is all they need but where do you start? Kid’s chairs come in all shapes and sizes so let us have a look at some of the best. Kid’s Bean Bag Chairs Bean bags are a simple form of occasional furniture that are particularly popular with youngsters but they are not always […]

Childrens Waiting Room Furniture

A selection of  waiting room furniture for children, perfect for dentists,  doctors  or libraries. The range includes children’s activity tables, wooden toys, and Bean Bags. This activity table  from Kids’ Rooms, can help develop manipulative skills, and the brightly-coloured wires and beads can be used to help children to learn about colours, shapes and numbers.  A great wooden bead table […]

Children’s Drawers

Drawers — where would we be without them? Such a simple concept and yet so very essential, it’s hard to imagine what people did before drawers came along. But then I suppose they didn’t have as many clothes to put in them! There probably isn’t a household in the UK that doesn’t have a set […]

Children’s Wardrobes

One of the central points of the CS Lewis story of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is of course, the wardrobe. I would spend hours as child exploring the depths of my wardrobe and all the others in the house hoping to find the secret world of Narnia, of course all I found […]

Marks and Spencer Kid’s Furniture

Marks and Spencer are famous for producing mouth-wateringly delicious food with seductive adverts to match; and their clothes range has been taken up a notch to compete with designer fashions and catwalk styles. Now that same dedication to quality and luxury can be seen in their kids bedroom furniture, with cute, fun and funky designs […]

John Lewis Kids’ Furniture

John Lewis’ high standards are not compromised when it comes to kids’ furniture and so if you are moving home, updating your rooms for a fresh new look, replacing outgrown furniture or preparing for a new addition to the family, John Lewis are the company you can rely on for high quality furniture at affordable […]

Children’s Bookcases

Now I have to admit to being a huge fan of the humble bookcase. One of the first pieces of furniture I owned, even before a sofa, was a bookcase for my huge collection of books. Yes I collect rare and antique books — sad but true! My love of books has been with me […]

Children’s Designer Furniture

Children’s furniture has moved on from 20 years ago when it was all plain, made from  MDF and white. Now there are exciting and fun designs to choose from that totally transform a child’s room! If you are about to undertake a room makeover then take a look at some of these designer children’s furniture […]

Children’s Play Tables

Kid’s play tables are excellent resources for doing all sorts of activities, from painting to reading; doing jigsaw puzzles and displaying those wonderful Lego creations that it took your child ages to make. So if you don’t want to get felt tip and construction blocks  all over your floor,  but want to give your child […]

White Painted Furniture

Children’s white painted furniture not only looks crisp and clean but also acts as the perfect compliment to any themed room. White painted furniture matches any colour and decor and unlike dark furniture it often makes the room feel larger and more spacious. The Sleep Station from Marks & Spencer is an innovative design that […]