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Christmas Themed Rooms

Every day can be Christmas Day with these fun and festive children’s Christmas themed rooms. You can either let the magical season last forever or you can bring these Christmas room accessories out every year to get them in the mood – after all, it IS the season to be jolly! They’ll be dreaming of […]

Advent Calendars

Parents may dread the countdown to Christmas as it only reminds them of how much they have to do in such a short space of time, but for kids the countdown is exciting and thrilling and Advent Calendars have been part of Christmas since the early 1900’s. When I was a kid the calendar was […]

Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

Present buying for kids during Christmastime can be fraught with difficulties. The latest toys and gadgets always seem to be way out of budget, plus you run the risk of either getting them something they already have or buying them a replica present that someone else has already thought of. This is what makes personalised […]

Christmas Tree Decorations for Kids

Personalised baubles and Christmas tree decorations for children can be a poignant reminder of their first Christmas or just be a way to get them involved in preparing for the festivities and feeling as much a part of it as possible. After all Christmas is all about bringing the magic to life for children and […]

Boy’s Room Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas for a boy’s room are ideal for  families  who are fed up of seeing the same old toys and games advertised and want to get something different that will take pride of place in boys’ rooms this Christmas. These are gifts which certainly won’t be stuffed at the back of the wardrobe […]

Girl’s Room Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for a girl’s room that will put a smile on her face! Girls spend hours in their rooms playing and they just love to have a say in the decor and room theme as for them, their rooms are an extension of their personalities. So make their gifts extra special this Christmas with […]