Tesco Bunk Beds

Tesco's online store now offers a great range of value children's furniture including bunk beds and mid-sleepers starting from less than £100

You normally wouldn’t think of going to Tesco for children’s beds would you? I mean, since when have you been grocery shopping and suddenly found yourself in the kid’s bunk beds section? However in their online store, Tesco sell a lot more than fruit and veg, and the Tesco kid’s bunk beds range is not only fantastic value for money but stylish, practical and well made too.

Pine bunk bed with desk underneathI’ll be honest and say that I didn’t know quite what to expect when looking at Tesco’s bunk beds, but I have been more than pleasantly surprised at the variety of styles on offer, the top bed manufacturing names and the prices. In fact for the same brands with other stores, Tesco came out on top for pricing.

As far as styles go, well the choice is excellent! You can buy wooden bunk beds, triple bunk beds, detachable bunk beds, futon bunk beds, metal bunk beds and bunk beds with in-built desks for added storage. I doubt there is a bunk bed type that Tesco don’t supply!

Pine bunk bed with pink beddingFor children’s rooms where space is an issue then bunk beds are ideal of course, for providing that extra space for when friends want to sleepover; however how much more convenient would it be to utilise all of the space the bed takes up into much needed storage space too?

Cleverly designed bunks like this Ashley Pine High Sleeper provide just that; incorporating a top bunk bed, pull-out guest bed, shelves and a desk! There are plenty more space saving ideas in the Tesco Bunk Beds section.

And for those who want just a plain and simple child’s bunk at a great price, well Tesco is known for giving great value for money and that’s just as true here. You can pick up a wooden pine bunk bed with adjustable ladder for a mere £130! And the reviews of their beds are a testament to the kind of high quality that customers have come to expect from Tesco.

So when searching for cheap kid’s bunk beds, take a look in the places you never would have thought of for some surprising finds. You can even order it along with your weekly shopping! As the saying goes — every little helps!

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