Originally from the US this range of adaptable bedroom furniture comprises a bunk bed which can be configured in a number of ways.

The Maxtrix range of modular children’s bedroom furniture available from John Lewis has nothing to do with  The Matrix  film other than  creating furniture that is not always what it seems  … Maxtrix is a furniture system from the US  which starts with a basic concept, like a sturdy bed and uses that ‘base’ to  design and create fun, imaginative and wonderful children’s furniture that has many more than just the one use. Read more about Maxtrix  children’s furniture.

Children's white bunk bed and co-ordinating accessories

What you are essentially doing is building upon the bed with accessories such as ladders, leg extensions to raise the bed up, storage units, decorative features and so on to create something truly special that can be changed and re-invented as many times as you wish! The Maxtrix modular furniture system truly does grow with your child, providing space for sleep, play, storage and work from their early years right up until their teenage years.

Children's white wooden bedstead

Maxtrix Single Bed ….

This single bedstead  is the starting point of the Maxtrix design and it’s appropriate that with this dream children’s furniture, we start with the bed! The other components of the Maxtrix Modular System are able to be fixed securely to the bed to turn it into a bunk bed, loft bed, L shaped bed or parallel bunk. The range of components that fit onto the bed are huge, allowing you to fully personalise it for your own needs. The material is solid wood so it will last for many years to come and is surprisingly easy to assemble.

Children's white bunkbed

Maxtrix Bunkbed

This sturdy Maxtrix 6 bunkbed  isn’t for shifting! It has a solid leg bolt system that ensures the bed is strong and stays firmly fixed in place. It also comes with extra high safety rails and rounded corners. Of course it also has the unique Maxtrix accessories that will turn an ordinary bunk into something very extraordinary! For inspiration on what you can do with these simple bases, read on….

Maxtrix Low Loft Bed with Angled Ladder, Slide and Underbed Curtain

Maxtrix Low Loft Bed with Angled Ladder, Slide and Underbed Curtain…

This combination  of loft bed with accessories transforms the entire piece into a  fabulously fun playhouse. Mornings are made much more fun when you  have a slide to whizz down! Thanks to decorative features like curtains and  windows this Maxtrix Loft Bed offers a multitude of role play opportunities or just a secret den to  hide in. It’s every child’s dream bed!  

Children's loft bed and drawers in natural pine

Maxtrix Low Loft Bed with Natural Finish…

But you don’t just have to choose a bed for playing, you can also choose a Maxtrix  combination that manages to fit in a low loft bed, 6 drawer dresser and bookcase – all in a natural wood finish. This bed doesn’t just look solid, it is solid thanks to the Rock Maple wood and New Zealand Pine that is used in its production. It has amples of storage space all neatly contained in the width of an ordinary single bed, leaving your child with much more floorspace to play on and clutter up! It’s a neat space saving bed that looks great and will last a lifetime!

Natuarl finish bunkbed in an L-shaped set-up

Maxtrix Parallel and L-Shaped Bunk…

This has to be one of the most flexible beds I’ve seen yet! The Maxtrix Bunk  can be assembled in two ways, either as a Parallel Bunk Bed or an  L-shaped bunk bed to fit into even the most awkward of bedrooms! Or you could even have it as two single beds with plenty of storage options underneath – the choice is yours! This is definitely the kind of bed that you can play around with and fit into any room or adjust as they grow older and because it’s solid wood you can rest assured in the knowledge that it will still be there long after the kids have left!

Children's single bed with a colourful play house tent

Maxtrix Day Bed with Top Tent…

This is a most unusual and remarkable bed that has boundless possibilities within a child’s imagination. The Maxtrix Daybed will transform their beds by day into playhouses or castles that are full of adventures and mystery, returning back to a safe environment for a good night’s sleep after all that excitement! And for the grown-ups, they too  can have peace of mind that the play tent is 100% flame retardant and can be wiped clean, which is a blessing! All you need is a little inspiration for children to let their imaginations run wild and this Maxtrix Daybed will provide plenty of daydreams for your child and their friends for years!

Square pillows to go with the Matrix bed range

Maxtrix Square, Boxed Pillows…

Beds need accessories to be turned into a knight’s tower, warship or sleeping beauty’s castle. These colourful Maxtrix Boxed Pillows are one way to allow beds to be used as playthings or to fit into a child’s themed bedroom. Stack them, sit on them, use them as props, comforters – whatever you like! And don’t worry if they get too boisterous as the covers are removable and fully washable!

Colourful Storage Accessories

Maxtrix MaxPacks

But what to keep all those accessories in when the pirate ship is anchored for the night and the children need to return to the land of slumber? Try these sturdy Maxtrix MaxPacks which are made to compliment the Maxtrix bedroom furniture and fit neatly onto any of the loft or bunk bed rails with industrial strength velcro, so they don’t even have to come down from the castle tower to tidy away their things! Sometimes the best of ideas are the simplest as these MaxPacks storage accessories testify.

Fantastic, innovative and creative ideas from the people of Maxtrix!

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  1. These matrix beds are no longer available from John Lewis does anybody know where in the uk these matrix ranges are available ?

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