Children’s Ready Beds

These affordable ready beds are an easy way of providing extra sleeping accommodation or as a useful accessory for when they stay out with friends.

As the Christmas holidays approach you might be thinking about inviting guests or anticipating a few sleep-overs? Providing adequate sleeping arrangements for the kids can be a problem where space is tight but there is a simple and effective solution — ready beds, snuggle sacs (or sacks) and kid’s sleeping bags are perfect for accommodating the odd junior guest and are also useful for your own children if they will be staying with friends or going on short holidays.

Kid's ready bed with inflatable base

Perfect for sleep-overs or as simple and portable occasional furniture, ready-beds are available in a range of designs for boys and girls. This classic design kid’s ready bed from Worlds Apart has an inflatable base, is machine washable and comes in  pink  or  blue.

Infants inflatable ready-bed

My First Ready Bed is a toddlers ready bed with an inflatable base and bolsters at the side so they don’t roll out as well a soft and comfy headboard. Available from amazon in the unisex design above or for boys there is a Thomas the Tank Engine version.

Kid's fleece sleeping bags with cotton lining

These fleece Cosy Bags are a really great idea from Great Little Trading and are ideal for sleepovers or just for keeping snug and warm while watching telly. These sleeping bags have a soft cotton lining, are machine washable and come complete with a handy carry case.

Kid's cushioned sleepover bag which folds up into a carry bag

The Bed in a Bag from GLTC is made from 5 individual soft pillows so doesn’t need inflating and can easily be folded and stored in its zipped storage bag when not in use. Available in range of bright and colourful designs the covers can be removed and machine washed.

Junior character ready bed

The Worlds Apart Junior and Tween ready beds with an inflatable mattress are another solution and come in a range of colours and character based designs for boys and girls. The fabric covers can be removed and are machine washable. A pump and travel case are included so they are perfect for nights away with friends. Available from amazon

Children's sleeping bags with duvet cover, pillowcase with print motifs

These colourful kid’s sleeping bags from Vertbaudet have an duvet cover, pillowcase with print motifs and fitted sheet.  Excellent to train little ones to use duvet and proper bed. Makes it safer for them and ensures that they stay covered all night.

 a romper suit and sleeping bag combined

Now how cool is this idea – a sleeping bag you can wear? The MusacBag for kids allows them to move about freely while keeping snug as a bug in a rug – and the reversible zips are very easy to operate so they can undo the arms and legs whenever they need to.  Available in blue or pink from Firebox the kid’s MusacBags are hand-washable and have a dual layer which means they are  suitable  for use where the temperature falls to -1 °C.  The only problem I can  foresee  with this design is that they will want to wear them all of the time – but I suppose it’s one way of cutting down the heating bills?

Children's sleeping pod in blue or pink

The Gelert Sleeping Pod JNR is a kid’s sleeping bag designed to allow free movement so they can curl up inside and sleep in any position – unlike with a regular sleeping bag which can be quite restrictive unless they sleep perfectly straight. Available from John Lewis in blue or pink they are lightweight and are easily stored away when not in use with a built-in carry bag.

Friendly Croc Sleeping Bag

Say goodbye to crocodile tears at bedtime and say hello to the Friendly Croc Sleeping Bag from the Kid’s Room. Be the envy of everyone at the sleepover and climb inside the cosy croc. The bright colours of the Friendly Croc Sleeping Bag will be a fantastic addition to your child’s bedroom. The Croc’s jaws snap up neatly to form a handy carry case, making it perfect for camping too.

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