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Get the most for your money with these space saving kid’s beds with a built-in desk and storage.

Space can be a real issue when it comes to children’s bedrooms. You can decorate children’s rooms  in a way that makes  them feel light, bright and roomy, but unfortunately the actual dimensions stay the same and the last thing you want to do is clutter a small room with lots of furniture. So some clever room solutions are called for …

Children’s bunk beds and cabin beds with desks underneath offer the perfect practical solution that combines bedding, work space and storage all in one giving children somewhere to work, rest and play!

Children's cabin bed with combined storage and study furniture

The Noah Cabin Bedstead from Feather & Black will make a smart addition to your child’s room. The bed has high sides for safety, plus a sturdy ladder; useful desk space under which the Noah chair fits perfectly; a movable cupboard; built in bookcase and a corkboard that your child can personalise. Simple and elegant – what more could you want?

Archie Cabin Bed with 3 Drawer Chest, Small Cupboard and Bookcase

Also from Feather & Black the Archie Cabin Bed is the perfect bed for children to grow up with.  A 3 Drawer Chest, Small Cupboard and Bookcase to fit underneath, so hopefully they’ll be encouraged to keep things in their right places!

Montana Cabin Bed

The Montana Cabin Bed from Amazon makes the most of the space underneath the bed to provide plenty of clever storage ideas. Made with honey-stained pine the single bed comes with a bookcase, a useful additional sliding bed and a sliding desk  and then tucked neatly away  when space is needed for sleepovers/dance parties/messy crafts etc.

Children's cabin bed with combined storage and pull-out desk

The Sleep Station Bedstead from Marks and Spencer in natural or painted white and once again the components can be pulled out and used separately and are easily slotted back in place when space is needed. It has an end bookcase, desk with cupboard and 3 drawer cupboard unit – enough for all their school work and more besides! The price is extremely reasonable for such a good quality bed and the dimensions make it small enough to fit into the tightest of spaces.

Mid-sleeper bed with pull-out desk and storage units

The Kat Teens Mid-Sleeper from Furniture 123 take space saving ideas to the extreme! They have ingeniously incorporated shelves into the side rail of the bed and even turned the steps into part of the bookcase! It also has a cupboard, another deep shelf and a pull-out desk on castors. It’s like an entire collection of bedroom furniture rolled into one space saving bed!

White painted sleep station

Tesco do a brilliant range of children’s cabin beds and furniture like this white painted Tesco  sleep station in a traditional style with simple, clean details such as the decorative bedside panels. There is a pull-out desk with shelves, a set of three drawers and a large cupboard and all for less than you would think!

Wooden cabin bed with desk

Ahoy there mi hearties! This Calypso space-saving cabin bed from Gautier  has a  nautical theme and just as  your  bunker on the pirate ship would be compact and  sturdy, so  this bed  shows an innovative use of space. We’ve seen steps  turned into bookshelves, now see how they can be turned into drawers! This Calypso bed  is full of cupboards with a handy desk and these beds also come with an option to sleep 2 or 3! See here for a list of UK stockists.

Kid's high sleeper bed with corner desk and staorage cupboard

The Julian Bowen high-sleeper with corner desk unit from The Kids Window is brilliant for older kids who also need a little extra space as their belongings expand and threaten to take over their rooms! This beautifully crafted high-sleeper not only comprises a corner desk but a low wardrobe too that neatly slots under the bed. Space saving solutions for older children need not be such a tall order!

White high sleeper with desk and bright red panels

The Farringdon high-sleeper with desk from Aspace has a fab modern, groovy look and feel. A tall bed is accessed by modern but wide steps that easy on feet whilst a small but perfectly formed desk fits in neatly underneath. The foot of the bed has a built-in wardrobe and two deep drawers with enough space for their entire wardrobe! Choose from riveting red, luscious lime, whiter than white  or woody oak to  suit most rooms and provide a contemporary twist to their bedrooms.

Space saving is far from boring as I think we’ve proved. There are plenty of choices on the market so no matter what shape of room you have to work with, there will be a children’s cabin bed that is more than suitable and which will provide a stylish focal point.


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