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Child Car Seat

Rearward-facing Baby Seats

There has been a lot in the news recently about the correct car seat for your child. The safest way for children to travel is in a child car seat that is suitable for their weight and size, and is correctly fitted in the car. A properly fitted child car seat will help to prevent your […]

Giant Snakes Ladders

Garden Games & Outdoor Toys

Summer has arrived and spending time in the garden with your children is great medicine for you and them. There is a fantastic range of pool toys, garden games and outdoor play ideas that should keep everyone busy! With children’s school holidays creeping ever closer and the occasional Summer party, our minds turn to how […]

Dinosaur Bedrooms

Dinosaur Bedroom

Dinosaurs will always hold a fascination for little boys and girls with big imaginations as they are the real-life monsters which inhabit their fantasy worlds. Before long most little ones know the names of the most fearsome dinosaurs such as T-Rex and Stegosaurus and their dinosaur collection will grow from cuddly dinosaur toys to scary […]

Soft Toys

Soft Toys & Comforters

Comforters come in all shapes and sizes: it could be a favourite teddy, a blanket or muslin, a soft toy or even a favourite sock or top!  Whatever it is, if it helps your baby to sleep, it’s probably worth having.  Studies have shown that babies with comforters of some sort do sleep better than […]

Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes & Ride On Toys

Balance bikes, trikes & ride on toys are excellent ways for young people to prepare for the joy and health benefits of regular riding. The most trying aspect of learning to ride a bicycle is getting that sense of balance. Fortunately, there are plenty of well designed balance bikes, trikes & ride on toys to […]

Playmobil Falcon Knight Castle

Play Castles

Few things stir the imagination of youngsters like tales of the time of knights and the castles they defended. Rich in history and tradition, a castle makes for great play times, especially when it is a realistic play castle with all the accouterments. GLTC has a superior wooden play castle that comes with everything needed […]

Super Chef Kitchen

Toy Kitchens & Play Food

Toy kitchens & play food are perennial favourites of children everywhere. Encourage your young cooks to use their imagination as they copy mum and dad and come up with their own creations. Who knows, you might have a budding chef on your hands! The John Lewis Mini Kitchen is made of quality wood construction that will offer […]

Tulip Dolls House

Dolls House & Furniture

A Doll’s House and furnishings are timeless and popular toys for young children. The element of styling on a miniature scale has a universal appeal; it empowers children to arrange and decorate a model home, insert furnishings, and play. The Tulip Dolls House from GLTC available in a Tulip and Cherry Blossom model. The solid […]

Dinosaur Rock Wallpaper

Wallpaper for Children’s Rooms

Opinions are divided regarding the use of wallpaper to decorate a child’s room. Some parents prefer the overall effect that a good wallpaper design can create while others prefer the simple maintenance which painted walls can provide. There are, of course, alternatives and compromises to both options, but we’ll cover more of this later. The […]

Kid’s Ergonomic Desks

As a parent of a school age child you’ll be all too aware of the amount of time our kids are spending sat at a desk in front of a computer or doing homework – and you’ll also appreciate that bad posture can lead to problems in later life. You can help your kids develop […]

Craft Room

Craft Room Design Ideas

For anyone who is truly passionate about crafts, having a dedicated room for the purpose makes an amazing difference.  Access to all the right equipment and materials exactly where they’re needed makes the process much easier – no more retrieving bits and pieces from down the back of the sofa or having to clear a […]

Playroom Ideas for Children

Sometimes children need more space than their bedroom provides to allow play, and a separate playroom is sometimes needed as a vital element in a child’s development. Having a space that is dedicated to their sole use will encourage them to look after it. From an adult’s point of view it stops the rest of […]