Shared Bedrooms

Making the most of available space when kid's are sharing a bedroom.

Many couples start off in a two bedroomed house which seems like plenty of space – until your first little bundle of joy appears, closely followed by another.  Suddenly space is at a high premium so  what can you do to make sharing a room a joy rather than a resentment? Here are some ideas as to how to give each child their own piece of space in a relatively small room.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are the obvious solution as they take up just one part of the room and leave the rest free for the usual bedroom furniture. Children may fight over who gets the top bunk but the obvious solution for that is to alternate. Bunk beds are great space saving pieces of furniture that are growing in popularity even in households where the children don’t have to share a room.

White painted bunk bed in a small light coloured room

The white painted bunk bed from Marks & Spencer is an ideal choice as the plain, light colour helps create a feeling of space and the simple design has no unnecessary decorations or detail, just clean white lines on a classic design.

Matrix children's furniture with adjustable configerations

Flexibility is often the key and you’ll need to rearrange the room as your kids develop. The Matrix children’s modular furniture system offers you the ability to arrange and adapt their shared space whenever you need. Ideal for awkwardly shaped rooms and changing demands.

Divide and Conquer

It can be difficult when children have to share a room – after all children aren’t known for their sharing and compromisational skills! But with a little imagination and inspiration it is possible to give each child their own space. There are several ways you can divide up the space in children’s bedroom – from strategic placement of furniture such as open book shelving   to the construction of a physical partition with timber and plasterboard. A wall partition doesn’t have to reach the full height of   the room and such an arrangement can be quite easily constructed by anyone with basic diy skills.

Open sided bookcase

The Expedit bookcase from Ikea can be utilized as a  room divider and provides lots of useful storage space too. Any open-sided bookcase can be used the same way, just make sure it’s firmly fixed to the wall to prevent any accidents. If you want to be really creative then why not use a room divider as a cut-off point for two individual colour schemes?

Half-height room partitions

Alternatively you can buy purpose-made screens like these room dividers from a company called Buzzispace which are a great idea for creating a private zone within a shared space. It’s easy to fix into place, lightweight and best of all it also acts as a sound insulator making their own space that little bit more private!

Children's Folding Scree Room Divider

This folding alphabet screen from amazon makes a fun and practical room divider, giving children a focal point and providing a bright addition to their room. It’s lightweight and can be folded up during the day and unfolded at night.

Furniture for Shared Bedrooms

Older kids will often need their own clothes storage as they amass  more clothes than their parents!  Two small wardrobes  can often  be better than one so there are no fights over who has taken the most space. Wooden furniture takes up a lot of room so do look around for alternatives and keep it minimalist.

Cream fabric wardrobe

These canvas wardrobes from John Lewis are an excellent budget solution as they  take  up much less room than their wooden counterparts and you don’t have to worry about the wardrobe doors bashing into other bits of furniture.  Or  how about a traditional garment rail to keep their favourite outfits separate?

Do try to keep furniture to a minimum in shared rooms and use it wisely, to create dividers or to free up storage. With a little creative thinking shared bedrooms needn’t be such a pain after all!

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