Wall Stickers

Graphic decorative wall stickers which are easy to apply and a great alternative to traditional wall coverings.

Not so long ago if you wanted to incorporate a simple or modern graphic design into you decorating theme it would involve wallpapering the whole room, which is expensive and time consuming, or by using stencils, which can be messy and difficult to get exactly right.  Now with modern wall stickers you simply apply pre-cut designs directly the wall, stand back and admire. Wall stickers are easy to apply with no mess involved, the results are instant, last for years and can be easily removed when it’s time for a new look.

Big Hairy Monster Wall Sticker

This Big Hairy Monster wall sticker by Little Ella James is so much fun I want one myself. He also has a matt black surface which doubles as a chalk board and comes in two sizes.

Mural wall sticker depicting a pirate ship on the sea

This wall mural from Spin Collective depicting a pirate ship at sea would make a perfect feature wall idea for a pirate themed bedroom.

Large star themed wall stickers spelling out a boy's name

Wall stickers can be personalised too – like these giant blue star wall letters by Kidscapes.

More Kid’s Wall Stickers

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Applying Wall Stickers

Self-adhesive wall stickers can be applied in seconds and will adhere to most flat painted surfaces but for best results you should take a little time to plan the look you want to create. Try attaching the stickers unpeeled with some low-tack masking tape first to get an idea of what the end result will look like. Alternatively you could lay them out on the floor to get an idea of spacing and what will look best where.

A handy rule with any decorating scheme, not just with wall stickers, is that larger images and darker colours tend to look better lower down the wall than light colours and small shapes — and visa versa. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule but it’s a useful guide if you are in any doubt.

If the stickers need to be applied level then mark a very feint pencil line with a spirit level on the wall as a guide — being careful to mark just where the edge of the sticker will sit. So long as you stick directly to this line it won’t be visible when the sticker is attached.

Wall Sticker ApplicatorTake your time and maybe have a practice run first. Apply the stickers gradually from one edge while peeling the backing at the same time. A credit card is ideal for smoothing down the surface as you peel and some companies will provide a free applicator with your stickers.  We’ve posted a video on our google+ page which demonstrates the basic principle fairly well.

If the walls have been recently painted then you should wait a couple of weeks until the paint has fully cured before applying the stickers. Not only will this ensure they stay stuck for longer but will also be of benefit when it comes to redecorate. Although you can’t guarantee the stickers will ever come off the wall without leaving a mark, it’s a lot more likely if they are applied to a painted surface which is fully cured.

The stickers can be applied over most existing wallpapers but bear in mind that the paper may be damaged when you come to remove them at a later date. If applying over a vinyl or washable paper you may find they come loose over time — in this case some water based border adhesive or pva wood glue is best for resticking any loose edges.

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