Colourful kids bedding

Soft Furnishings for Themes

With clever use of soft fabrics you can easily change the look of your child's room without it becoming a major redecorating project

As your child grows the need to redecorate to keep up with their changing tastes will become an on-going requirement. With a little forward planning and some luck, there are ways to help reduce the cost of a bedroom overhaul so that your budget isn’t blown. We’ve put together some simple tips to help you refresh your child’s room without redecorating, all through the use of soft furnishings.

Paint your child’s room a light, neutral colour to give their bedroom a clean, bright background. White may be too stark, so consider softer, off-whites that will still help make the room feel roomy. Light, clean looking furniture will blend in with the walls, making the room seem bigger. With a neutral background, any changes you make to soft furnishings will be more dramatic.

Colourful kids bedding

The simplest way to refresh the look of your child’s bedroom is by changing the bedding. Perhaps they’ve outgrown their previous obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine and are now heavily in to Pixar’s Cars; altering the bedding will instantly give you a new look and potentially a colour change to the room. Accessorise with a new lampshade and, perhaps, a new bin and desk objects in similar colours to give your child an instant new room feel. If the curtains are also themed to match the bedding, these will need to be changed.

Red gingham check curtains

If replacing the curtains each time you refresh the room isn’t an option, settle for either a plain block colour that can be reused or recycled elsewhere in the house, or choose a neutral colour that will blend with the walls.

Primary or bright colours are the usual colour set of any child’s theme based on television or movie characters, the most popular themes around. When looking for block colours to use in a room consider picking up colours that are likely to be used in multiple themes such as red or blue, it’s a good bet they can be left in the room after a refresh as they’ll still be relevant to the new theme.

Kid's rug with blue, red and white stripes

Rugs are another way of incorporating a theme in to your child’s room without needing you to completely re-carpet. Perfect for playing on, reading on, or just to add a splash of colour and interest to the room, if a rug is within your budget it can go a long way to changing the feel and look of a room’s décor.

Circus themed bedroom bunting

Look for bunting, flags or any kind of wall hangings that can be easily installed to add colour to the walls. Frame pillowcases instead of posters or use a themed backpack or bag as a dirty washing bin. Adding items to the walls that are cheap and easy to replace is not only a great way of throwing in splashes of colour to an otherwise neutral environment but is also good for your budget.

Kid's pink beanbag chair which can be personalised

Add a few oversized cushions to the room, maybe even a beanbag or two. Easy to recover, these are a cost effective way of giving your child somewhere to hang out and play while keeping the colour scheme going.

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