Sensory Aids For Children’s Rooms

Room accessories, toys and lighting ideas to give your child mental stimulation.

Children gain a lot from their surroundings and if their rooms are where they spend most of their time, then why not stimulate their imaginations and senses with equipment and toys other than a PlayStation?

Sensory toys and equipment aren’t just for children with special needs, they are useful for every child, from babies to adolescents. Stimulation has been proved to help the brain make those vital early connections, to increase curiosity and learn new skills. Children with autism also benefit greatly from having sensory rooms. They can also help to relax and calm your child; so are useful for tantrums or just getting them off to sleep.

Sensory objects and equipment needn’t be expensive either. You don’t need specialist equipment and can often find cheap toys, lights, etc in ordinary high street stores.

Sensory Lights and Lamps

Children's light panel

Lights will stimulate visual sensors and improve concentration and hand-eye co-ordination. You can either get a grand lighting panel, fairy lights or lamps that glow and twinkle. This cartoon lighting panel is on the more expensive end of the scale but it makes a fantastic focal point for a child’s room and is incredibly soothing so is  brilliant as a nightlight. You can either set the lights to a gentle glow or to a twinkling mode.

Ladybird night light

Or how about a wall projection? This cute Twilight Ladybug has a glowing shell on her back that creates a beautiful night-time projection onto  the wall  of blue, green and red stars. She turns an ordinary child’s room into a wonderland of enchantment!

Fibre Optic Fountain (Colour Changing)

Providing just as much stimulation are the huge array of fibre optic lamps that you can pick up for less than a fiver, like this colour changing fibre optic fountain lamp that looks spectacular when dark and is fully portable too.

Music/Noise Sensors

Music is also important to help develop listening skills and encourage children to differentiate one note from another. Children who grow up surrounded by music are more likely to be creative thinkers. Musical sensors are also great for children who have hearing and/or communication difficulties.

Musical wind-chime on stand

This stand alone wind chime is perfect for encouraging children to experiment with different sounds and make their own music. It’s a gentle and soothing sound too so won’t grate on mum or dad!

musical monkey is made of colourful wool felt and and softly padded with a pull cord for music

Or try this adorable musical monkey! Just pull his cord for a gentle lullaby that will help your little one drift off to sleep or calm a cranky tot!

Scented Touchable Toys

Wheat & Lavender filled  Teeny Beanie character

Smell is also an important sense and can either be energising or relaxing. These scented wheat and lavender hotties are definitely there to calm and soothe a sleepy child. Each bright and cute character is great for cuddling — just pop them into the microwave for 2 minutes and not only with their warmth envelope your child but the wafting scent of lavender will also wash over them.

Childrens beads

Or to stimulate their creative juices then try this sassy bucket of beads that not only come in a delicious vanilla scent but are multi-textured too and can be linked and pulled apart, so are a fantastic aid to a child’s motor skills.

So whether your child needs a little help with their senses or not, these sensory room aids will stimulate and delight, soothe and calm. Turn your child’s room into a haven full of sights, sounds and smells that will not only aid their development but help them get a good night’s sleep too — which in turn helps you to nod off peacefully!

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