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Take some time out to look at these clocks to help kid's learn to tell the time and a range of decorative wall clocks for their rooms...

Children’s clocks and alarm clocks in their rooms are a good way of introducing the concept of time to very young children. Alarm clocks are especially useful if you have an early morning riser as you can set their alarms to the correct time for them to get up out of bed.

Many children are already curious about time and are constantly asking what time it is and when is it lunch time so these bright and cheery clocks will help stimulate that interest and give them a good basic knowledge that they can expand on when they start school.

Clocks to Help Children Learn to Tell the Time …

Every clock plays a part in teaching children how to tell the time, but some clocks are specifically designed to do just that. We take some time out to  look at the range of clocks on offer that claim to help children learn to tell the time.

Children's clock that teaches teaches about day-time and night-time

The Gro-clock sleep trainer from amazon is a great initiative that encourages children to stay in bed longer until one by one the stars go out and the sun appears. There are 12 stars and 12 sun rays so children can count how many have gone out which in turn helps them to understand what time it is. You can set the alarm for night-time and for naps during the day. A simple concept that is big on inspiration!

Children's alarm clock that teaches them how to tell the time

This pink Lorus Tell the Time Clock from John Lewis  breaks down the hours into easy to understand sections that helps children understand familiar concepts like quarter to and half past. The numbers are luminous and the second hand is quiet so that children aren’t kept awake by a continuous ticking sound! It also features a snooze option and a nightlight and comes in pink or blue.

Ki'd wall clock to teach them the time

This fun kids  Tell The Time Wall Clock by the London Clock Company is bright and funky and helps children to  learn the main  time sequences. Kids will love the  pencil hands and colourful numbers! It’s  available  from amazon.

Cool Clocks Children Will Love!

Any clock will help children grasp the main time concept and if it’s an interesting or unusual clock then they are more likely to pay attention to it! Older children especially will love this range of cool clocks that have some additional and interesting functions…

Star Wars Darth Vader Minifigure Clock

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Minifigure Clock from  amazon uses the power of the force (along with 2 x AAA batteries) to bring you the time so you are never late for your battle against the dark forces again! This Lego Darth Vader Clock will soon be snapped up by Lego enthusiasts so make sure you set your alarm to grab this one before time runs out!

Alarm Clock Radio is styled to look just like a Lego brick

With this alarm clock radio styled to look just like a Lego brick, they’ll look forward to being woken up! Well, one can hope anyway! It’s chunky design means that it’s pretty durable and sturdy and very easy to use, with the knobs on top doubling as volume and tuner controls. Best of all, it’s stackable and fits perfectly with the other Lego electronics. For the Lego mad child this Lego Brick Radio Alarm Clock is a must have item. Get yours from  John Lewis.

Kid's robot formed alarm clock

Don’t be alarmed! This cute little Robot Alarm Clock from Cox & Cox is adorably harmless – just don’t push his buttons! He’s the perfect little starter alarm for little snoozers. His green eyes glow whilst you are sleeping, keeping guard over your bed until morning when the reliant robot wakes you up with his own little alarm call. They said that robots would become household friends and this one is most definitely a bedtime pal so I guess they weren’t far wrong!

Children's personalised robot themed wall clocks

These personalised Robot Clocks by Cupcake Castles are a brand new design which uses wood and clay, then painted in glow in the dark paint and decorated with sequins. Finally the finishing touch is added in a unique personalisation making this a fabulous gift – after all Christmas is only round the corner… It’s a robotically groovy way to learn the time!

Children's wall clock in the style of abig round purple elephant

You won’t be able to ignore this elephant in the room!  The Vitra Elihu the Elephant Clock is a range of designer children’s wall clocks by George Nelson available from Heal’s. It’s a very playful design made to look like  animal thumb-prints. If you’re not sure about the elephant you could choose either the whale or owl instead which  have very different designs.

Pink butterfly shaped wall clock

This Butterfly Wall Clock by  Pitter Patter Products is available in 4 great colours and is perfect for a fluttery butterfly themed bedroom and makes a striking wall feature. The borders of this pretty butterfly clock are decorated with tiny glittery stars which sparkle in the light. A  distinctive and unusual clock suitable for older girls.

Children's wall clock in the shape of a pink flying pigPigs might well fly and this pig has decided to take time with him! This bright, fun and colourful clock brings a humorous slant on telling the time and these clocks can also be personalised with your children’s names. Fly your little piggies to  Simply Kids Clocks to pick up yours.

Funky kitsch pink alarm clock with postcard design.

The Wait a Minute Clock from Lisa Angel is a funky kitsch pink alarm clock with postcard design that is dinky enough to take on their travels with them. The candy pink colour is good enough to eat and  the  retro look  makes a trendy little clock that will grace their bedside table.

Cut out numbers and animal figures wall clock

The Koziol Pip Clock from Firebox  looks like a bit of a jungle but it claims to make telling the time a walk in the park and if you look closely you’ll see why. Scattered around the jumble of numbers are some curious woodland creatures – see if you can spot them! It’s a wacky clock that will instantly brighten up a plain wall.

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