Mirror, Mirror…

Wall mirrors just for kids in a variety of shapes and sizes.

As children love to dress up, it makes sense to have a mirror in their rooms so they can perfect the princess or Ben10 look. It’s not just girls who will spend ages examining themselves in the mirror either – once boys discover hair wax just try dragging them away from that mirror! Plus a well placed mirror can add light and the illusion of space to a small room.
So here’s looking at you kid….

Children's wall mirror with white frame and colourful butterflies

This children’s wall mirror with white frame and colourful butterflies from  Vertbaudet  is a pretty, fluttery mirror that goes especially well with themed rooms as butterflies and flowers are popular decorations for girls’ rooms. A charming piece to grace her bedroom wall.

Personalised mirror with butterflies

For a unique touch get a personalised mirror with butterflies by Pitter Patter Products. The mirror is shatterproof and lightweight so perfectly safe to hang on walls. The large purple butterfly has sparkly wings that catches the light to delight your fair maiden and her name in wooden letters at the top will add that personal touch.

Personalise mirror with sea and boats design

Boys can have their own Personalised Mirror by Maxine Pharoah  with a seafaring theme. It’s limited edition and hand painted so ideal for Christmas stockings. Your little pirate can practice his swarthy scowls to his heart’s content!

Fairy themed mirror with a castle and mushrooms

If you could have a wish, would you wish for a Magic Fairy Crown Mirror by Cupcake Castles? This magical mirror is handpainted and can even be personalised with their name and a magical message for them on the back. Who would not be enchanted by this fairytale scene? And with a mirror in the middle you can have the starring role!

Pirate themed wall mirror

And if the boys want their own magical mystery mirror then how about this Pirate Crown Mirror also by Cupcake Castles? There be skulduggery afoot cap’n, this ‘ere mirror is a wanted poster for the most vicious, meanest, wiliest pirate around. Look inside if you dare, to see the a’feared pirate himself!

Mirror in the shape of a chicklet

Hello Chick!  This chirpily cheerful Chick Mirror from Mungai Mirrors shows just what you can do with a mirror and a little imagination! This acrylic mirror isn’t just adorably cute though, it’s also shatterproof so you don’t have to worry about the seven years bad luck.

Dinosaur shaped wall mirror

Dinosaur mad boys will  go roaringly nuts for the Brontosaurus  Mirror from  Mungai Mirrors. This menacing mirror will fit in perfectly with a boy’s Dinosaur Bedroom. I just love how the reflection becomes part of the dinosaur himself – very clever!

Full length floor standing mirrors

If you have the space then invest in one of these gorgeous Floor Standing Mirrors from Kid’s Window. Choose from antique style to a magical nursery style. These are beautiful old-style mirrors to have fantastic fantasy adventures with and perhaps re-create Alice through the Looking Glass. After all, who can tell which are the enchanted mirrors?

Wall mirror with Russian doll style frame

For a truly fun and frivolous mirror then this Doll Mirror from Vertbaudet ticks all the right boxes. You can be instantly transformed into a lifelike Russian Doll! A lovely, unusual mirror that will become the focus of attention in the bedroom!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which of these mirrors is the fairest of all?

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