Children’s Study Furniture

Noah Desk

If you have a child going to secondary school in September then you’ll suddenly become aware of how inadequate the space in your child’s bedroom is. Homework can be pretty intense at secondary school — it’s no longer wise for them to revise their … [Continue reading]

Children’s Outdoor Play


It’s the time of year when neighbours you haven’t seen all winter peer out of their doors to check whether or not it’s safe to come out of temporary hibernation. Children who have had the perfect excuse to stay in all day playing computer games, now … [Continue reading]

Seaside Themed Bedroom


The seaside and the beach are now becoming more and more popular as bedroom themes with their shades of cool blues, pinks  and whites interspersed with bold accents of bright red and navy blue conjure up images of nautical adventures, sandcastles and … [Continue reading]

Four Poster Beds


Four Poster beds have long been a sign of extravagance and romantic luxury.  So why confine this luxury only to adults? Children's four poster beds make a dramatic effect on any child's room and will bring endless delight from your own little … [Continue reading]

Kid’s Chairs


A simple chair is all they need but where do you start? Kid's chairs come in all shapes and sizes so let us have a look at some of the best. Kid's Bean Bag Chairs Bean bags are a simple form of occasional furniture that are particularly popular … [Continue reading]

March of the Robots


Robot themed bedrooms are a popular choice with boys and whilst it might look like a robot invasion - these cute robot pals couldn't be friendlier. It's a great room theme as there are so many robot accessories  which makes  it easy to transform an … [Continue reading]

Bunk Beds


Where space is an issue you’ll want to get the best use you can from each piece of children’s furniture and a traditional bunk bed is ideal in this situation. Bunk beds have been around in some shape of form for a long time and this is no accident — … [Continue reading]

Northcote Modular Storage


As any parent knows, keeping a child’s room tidy and organised can be like fighting back the tide. No sooner have you purchased another bookcase or shelving unit then the amount of children’s paraphernalia collected will expand to overwhelm it. This … [Continue reading]

Christmas Themed Rooms


Every day can be Christmas Day with these fun and festive children's Christmas themed rooms. You can either let the magical season last forever or you can bring these Christmas room accessories out every year to get them in the mood - after all, it … [Continue reading]

Advent Calendars


Parents may dread the countdown to Christmas as it only reminds them of how much they have to do in such a short space of time, but for kids the countdown is exciting and thrilling and Advent Calendars have been part of Christmas since the early … [Continue reading]

Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas


Present buying for kids during Christmastime can be fraught with difficulties. The latest toys and gadgets always seem to be way out of budget, plus you run the risk of either getting them something they already have or buying them a replica present … [Continue reading]

Christmas Tree Decorations for Kids


Personalised baubles and Christmas tree decorations for children can be a poignant reminder of their first Christmas or just be a way to get them involved in preparing for the festivities and feeling as much a part of it as possible. After all … [Continue reading]