Craft Room Design Ideas

For anyone who is truly passionate about crafts, having a dedicated room for the purpose makes an amazing difference.  Access to all the right equipment and materials exactly where they’re needed makes the process much easier – no more retrieving bits and pieces from down the back of the sofa or having to clear a project at a delicate stage off the dining table in time for dinner.  No more having to fit around other peoples’ activities in the same space.  A dedicated craft room means that the crafter can also acquire the mental freedom that’s needed to concentrate on being creative.

Craft Room

All sorts of rooms can be adapted for this purpose.  A spare bedroom is often easiest and may benefit from existing cupboard storage space.  A loft space can provide great overhead lighting if there are skylights, but it can be quite an effort to get furnishings and larger pieces of equipment up there.  A garden room is ideal in terms of natural light and works well as long as it can be kept warm enough in winter.

Letting in the light

Setting up the right lighting in a craft room is of prime importance, making it possible to focus on the work properly and to see small details.  Nothing beats natural light, so a room with big windows is best and mirrors can be used to bounce that light around.  Sometimes, though – in the height of summer or when there’s snow on the ground – that light can get too much.  Shutters like the ones at Plantation Shutters are a great solution.  They don’t get in the way or catch on things as curtains can and they provide fine control over the amount of light entering the room.

For evening work, a good desk lamp is a must, but it’s also important to have enough light in the rest of the room to make finding things easy.  A dimmer switch can be helpful in getting the balance right. You can also obtain daylight bulbs, even in the new low-energy versions, that simulate natural daylight.

Craft Storage

Setting up storage

Good storage is essential in a craft room.  Because many craft items are small, it’s important to keep them well organised so they don’t get lost.  Plastic tubs are useful for this – either transparent or carefully labelled ones – and shelving can be chosen to store them.  Whilst it’s useful to keep the items that are needed most often closest to the workspace, it’s a good idea to use alphabetical order on the rest of the shelving to make finding things easier.

Alongside shelving, pin boards and hooks on the wall can be useful for many things.  A tall storage bin is handy for rolls of fabric; paper or card and wall-mounted rollers are great for ribbon and tape.

The right workspace

Having a good workstation is also important for happy crafting.  Exactly what’s needed will depend on the craft involved. For instance, working with fabric or large pieces of paper might mean a large table is needed for spreading things out (extending dining tables are great for this), but some things are universal.  These include having an adjustable seat and a table or desk at the right height, a convenient wastebasket and handy nearby storage (shelves or small drawers) for the most commonly needed items.  If these details are right, the rest will follow.

Northcote Modular Storage

As any parent knows, keeping a child’s room tidy and organised can be like fighting back the tide. No sooner have you purchased another bookcase or shelving unit then the amount of children’s paraphernalia collected will expand to overwhelm it. This can become expensive and a big demand on your valuable leisure time which is why we like the Northcote Modular Shelving System from GLTC. An idea which is so simple and versatile you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Lifestyle image showing Northcote units in a child's pink bedroom

Home Study, Room Divider or Practical Storage

Start with a simple toy box and interlocking shelf unit and then add extra modular units as you go along to create a simple play room storage unit, versatile bedroom storage, a child’s home study, a useful and practical room divider or a convenient set of hallway furniture. The possibilities are truly endless and limited only by your imagination.

Northcote units used as a storage wall

Toy Boxes, Interlocking Shelving Units and Handy Storage Boxes

Made from solid painted MDF, the units use an ingenious inter-locking system, secured firmly with the simple turn of a screwdriver so you can add and rearrange units in minutes. Simply buy extra units as and when you need them; there are also useful backing panels you can add in the form of pin-boards or a black-board which are ideal when you want to divide a shared room into two distinct units.

Northcote units used as a storage solution in a family room

The full range of Northcote storage units and drawer units  are available from Great Little Trading Co.

More Northcote Storage

Northcote Storage

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Toy Storage

Not long now until the children finish school for the holidays and if you’re anything like me that statement will fill you with utter dread. There is not only the question of what to do with them during the holidays, but the inevitable fact that the house becomes a cluttered, unhabitable mess of discarded clothes, toys, artwork and biscuit crumbs. Whilst I can’t magic up a Mary Poppins type figure to come into your home, I can suggest a few ways in which, if you plan now, you can at least avoid some of the clutter and maintain your home’s inner karma.

Multipurpose Play Table With Trundle Drawers

There are plenty of great storage ideas on the high street at the moment. Cheap plastic boxes make great stacking boxes but personally I’m not keen on the lurid colours or the fact that they rarely ever stay stacked. Which is why I just love this playtable with built in trundle drawers from GLTC.

It’s much sturdier than plastic and the deep drawers are fantastic for keeping games and toys in which your kids can take out to set up on the table and then it’s not too much effort to simply swipe it all back into the drawers. As an extra bonus you can always give your kids some paints and a brush and a whole afternoon is spent happily jazzing up and personalising their play table.

Children's sweet heart table and chair set

The same kind of theme is prevalent with this rather cute sweet heart storage table and chair set from GLTC. Yes it does have the plastic trays but they sit neatly underneath the table, out of sight but easily accessible. What I love about that too, is that the trays are tilted so children can easily see what they need without having to get every tray out to search for those elusive glitter pens or lego pieces.

The table comes with two sweet little chairs enabling your treasures to get creative and more importantly — encouraging them to keep all their things in one place!

Dotty Dolls House

Now for all dolls house fans out there, don’t you just love this adorable doll’s house bookcase? Four different compartments make up this unique design that little girls will love! Your little princess can store her books, toys and dolls and what’s more, she’ll spend hours rearranging them all in this little house! From GLTC it looks great and is a fantastic addition to any girl’s room.

Toy Boxes

We never had such a thing as a toy box as children. Our toys went under our beds or stacked on shelves. Course I was an 80’s child and so my toys were largely confined to balls, elastic bands, dolls and board games, therefore storage for my meagre collection of toys was hardly an issue! Today’s child has so many toys that one toy box is simply not enough. My children have two toy boxes each and I’m still reduced to shoving games under their beds!

Or perhaps I just need a decent toy box that has plenty of room to hold an entire toy shop collection in? A bottomless box would be quite handy actually! Sadly an inventor has yet to enter Dragons Den with such an idea so for now these fantastic toy boxes will have to do!

Personalised Toy Skip Toy Box

This skip toy box is such a fun idea! Keeping their rooms tidy will be a doddle when you can just throw toys into the skip! My children thought it hilarious when I showed it to them! Best of all, you can overfill this skip for no extra charge!

Wooden framed toy box with soft fabric covering

These fabric toy boxes are lovely and colourful and will brighten your child’s room with their fun prints. Furniture123 have a range of storage boxes for you to browse and you can even get other children’s furniture to match. What’s so good about these is that they also make comfy seats!

A real wood toy chest with four animal faces beaming out from its front and side panels

Another fantastic design is this Four Friends toy chest from Kids Room which has four fun animal faces beaming their friendly smiles from the front and sides. They are at their happiest when all the toys are back in the box! Made from natural rubberwood this traditional toy chest is also strong and durable.

Sevi Le Cirque Toy Chest

Now I do love combining toy boxes with seating to make the most of the space available and this colourful storage chest from John Lewis does just that! This colourful wooden chest is ideal for keeping the nursery tidy as there’s plenty of room inside for toys and games. Finished with friendly circus animals, it is topped with removable padded cushions so it will also provide extra seating.

Traditional child-friendly style wooden toy box in ivory-white painted poplar.

Feather and Black are renowned for their distinctive, high quality children’s furniture and this is finely illustrated in these Noah toy boxes. Made with children in mind, there is a good gap between the box and the lid to ensure little fingers are not trapped. They come in four different colours so choosing one to match the decor should be child’s play!

All teddies need a good home and these toy storage boxes provide the very finest of homes for the very finest of teddy bears!

More Toy Storage Ideas

Toy Storage

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Lazzari Modular Storage

We are waging a war on clutter and it’s about time our secret weapon was unleashed — lazzari storage modules. These innovate shelving and storage ideas instantly transform a room and clutter is eliminated before you can say “exterminate”! Easy to assemble, lightweight and yet sturdy and tough. The individual nylon storage drawers allow them to personalise their room to any quirky style they like! With innovative designs like these, clutter doesn’t stand a chance!

A wall of storage made up from individual Lazzari components

The storage is made up of cubes that are sold in double or singular modules and can be joined together with other cubes to make shelves or they can stand alone. Used as open storage the double cubes are great for books, folders, CDs, DVDs or games. Team them up with these nylon drawers that come in a wide range of designs for that funky, individual look. You can go for one colour or theme, or you can mix and match — go wild!

This bold red, white and blue arrangement is achieved by using coloured storage drawers

Lazzari Furniture

They also come in vertical units, ideal as bedside drawers or a bookshelf. You choose whether to have them vertical or horizontal, drawers or stand alone, stacked or not. Create your own look and have fun! Get some half cubes to stack or join onto other cubes and use them as extra storage for all those small bits and pieces children have a habit of collecting — they can be used as shelves or you can fit small nylon drawers into them which are fantastic for storing games like lego and meccano sets.

A storage unit made up of 12 canvas drawers and one modular storage unit
If you just want a chest of lightweight drawers then this merchants chest is just the thing! It has 12 deep drawer spaces into which you can place any design of nylon drawer — why not mix and match for an eye-catching effect? Or you could leave some shelves open for books, CDs, DVDs and games. Or how about a horizontal drawer unit (or vertical if you like, don’t let us tell you how to arrange them!) that can be used as a bookshelf or handy storage cubes and a bench/table/extra shelf.

Another example of how coloured storage drawers can be used to create a colour theme

Lazzari Tidy Tubs

That’s the beauty of these great storage cubes from lazzari. You can stack them, fill them with drawers, arrange them how you wish, buy as little or as many as you like — it’s really up to you! And of course, if you get fed up with the look you can always take them apart and re-arrange them. Many come with castors for easy manoeuvrability and with a wide range of drawer designs to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Lazzari’s range of  storage units are available from Great Little Trading Co.

Lego Storage

Lego evokes childhood memories in most of us and there can hardly be a child in the country that doesn’t like Lego and I know a fair few that are obsessed by it! Lego is not just a toy now either, they have branched out into the film and computer game industry too, so is it surprising that they also do children’s furniture? Ok, maybe not actual furniture, I can’t see all those knobs being too comfortable, but as storage they are almost unbeatable!

Children's storage boxes in the shape of lego bricks

It’s a brilliant, simple yet effective idea really. Lego is versatile, lightweight and easily stackable, the perfect product for storage. It’s also colourful and attractive, brightening up a child’s room and making storage seem fun — which has to be a great idea! Essentially you are getting two for the price of one; a practical storage solution for children’s rooms and a great toy for the kids. So popular are these Lego storage blocks that even adults are finding them irresistible!

Lego Storage Bricks

Why not be creative with your storage? Store and build with these giant Lego bricks that can be stacked on top of other bricks in any way you want! They come in all different sizes and colours. Perfect for keeping all those Lego pieces together as well other games, toys and other bits of clutter.

Red storage brick

You can also buy a mini Lego storage set that fit neatly onto bookshelves or on desks and can be used to store stationery or even food items — why not combine with the Lego lunch box to make lunchtimes more interesting? Again they have a range of colours and sizes that are all stackable and great fun!

Child's yellow lunch box in the shape of a Lego brick

Lego Storage Heads

My Lego sets always used to have the odd head rolling around that never had a body of its own. Those heads can now be put to good use by acting as storage heads. Perhaps you can keep all your odd heads in this one giant Lego head?

Children's storage container in the shape of a Lego head

Alternatively it makes a great desk piece for pens and pencils! Girls love Lego just as much as boys, which is why the aforementioned Lego head also comes as a girl. You can either have a giant or a small head — or both!

Lego Storage Baskets

And if your kids still think that the bin is situated under their beds then this Lego storage basket should help change their minds. It can either be a wastepaper bin or another storage container, but with its Lego head shaped handle it’s bound to be a hit with the kids!

Child's storage basket with Lego head lid

Stack, play and put away — Lego storage really does provide fun and entertaining storage solutions to children’s rooms!

Lego storage boxes are available on-line from Amazon, John Lewis and

Lego Storage boxes are also available to purchase at The LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, Manchester which is right next to the largest LEGO® shop in the North-West. LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester – it’s like you’ve just jumped into the biggest box of LEGO® bricks everThe best part to visit is the Build & Test zone. where you can create your own vehicles. Time your racing car on our speed test track. It’s the ultimate place for LEGO fans – young and old!


Soft Storage Containers

Soft storage containers for kid’s rooms are fully mobile, convenient and bright additions to a child’s room. They don’t take up much space and will withstand the roughest of treatment, making them especially ideal for young children. There are many such containers on the market now and if you are decorating a child’s room on a budget, you’ll find them very reasonably priced. Here are just some of the best available now.

Brightly coloured children's storage bags with a tie fastening top

This bright and colourful design is  from Vertbaudet  and is sure to jazz up their room! Useful ties are also included so you can fully close the storage bags to transport their favourite toys elsewhere. Big, bold and beautiful!

Fabric storage tub with liberty print

With a Liberty print fabric and sturdy carry handles this example by Auntie Mims  has a wonderful vintage look. They have many other unique fabric designs to choose from which would grace your child’s room and provides amples of storage of course!

Personalised storage tubs for boys with pirate and army theme designs

These boy’s personalised fabric storage tubs are also by Auntie Mims  and come in a range of designs  just for the boys! All the Auntie Mims storage tubs are handmade to order so no one tub is ever the same. Exclusively made in Britain and exclusively designed for your child!

Personalised patchwork fabric storage bags

These personalised patchwork fabric bags by Scrummy Things  are just that – scrummy! The chic storage bags are personally made to order and available for boys, girls or in a unisex design. Brilliant for packing travel essentials or overnight bags for sleepovers but also just as useful as hanging storage!

Handmade felt storage bags in the shape of little houses

Little felt houses by Sister’s Guild  to store all those nick nacks that children accumulate so easily! Beautifully handmade storage houses that would make wonderful gifts. The little roof unzips to keep all your treasures safe and sound inside, with a useful little carry handle. Truly unique, distinctive and special containers.

Bright yellow kid's storage hamper in the shape of a house

The Lazzari Casa Storage Hamper is  in the shape of a rather groovy house and is available  from amazon. Clear little windows help to see what’s inside and a zipped lid keeps everything secure. It’s a fun and funky storage house that provides a home for all their toys.

Pink storage hamper in the shape of a washing machine

The Lazzari Lavatrice storage hamper from amazon  has a cool, modern feel with a clear round viewing window for toys to see out and you to see in! The padded material not only protects the toys inside but also children from sharp edges, which makes it easier to carry too. It’s useful for storing a variety of items, so what will you see through the round window?

Soft cotton padded toy bag

This soft padded gingerbread toy bag from Kid’s Rooms  is as sweet as the cupcake design! It can be hung over a hook in her room and therefore out of the way and is also easily carried. Nothing but the best will do for their toys!

Pink soft sided storage container with soft sides

These pink gingham and floral storage containers from Feather & Black  are fully collapsible for when not in use and make a pretty addition to any room. There’s plenty of space inside for dolls, teddies or even clothes!

Boys storage container with black stars on a white background

For the boys this Stars and Stripes storage box, also from Feather & Black, will put a little groove into their room with some starstruck storage for superstars!

Storage Cubes

Cube storage units, furniture and boxes can transform a cluttered room into an organised tidy, neat  area and can help create the illusion of space and order in small rooms. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit into even the most awkward of spaces and it really is surprising just what a difference a well placed storage unit can make. So have a browse and take inspiration from this assortment of storage cubes.

5 box storage unit with removable drawers

This cute  5 box storage unit with removable drawers is  from Vertbaudet, home to some of the most stylish children’s furniture. This unit will sit neatly on top of a drawer set or can  be placed  at the end of the bed or even fixed onto the wall. The  butterfly shaped handle cutouts make a distinctive feature  as well as providing easy grip and the drawers are fitted with stoppers to prevent them from falling out. A very chic solution.

4 section storage unit with canvas drawers

The Noah 4 Section Storage Unit from Feather & Black with canvas storage drawers can be used on it’s own – stacked vertically or horizontally – or as part of a larger modular storage system. Mix and match the colours or choose ones to compliment the room. It’s a simple yet effective  piece of storage furniture  that will fill  the smallest to the largest of spaces.

oak veneer storage unit with 6 cube spaces

The Chatham 6 cube storage unit from Aspace is made from oak veneer panels for a superior finish and can be left as shelves or filled with fabric storage totes of various colours and prints so you can experiment with colour and design. The handy castors also means that the unit can easily be moved around. It’s a handsome and sturdy storage unit that will prove its usefulness for a long time to come!

Painted mdf cube storage units

The practical standard storage cubes from jojomamanbebe are made from painted mdf and can be arranged, stacked and manipulated to suit your needs. Ideal for awkward corners or unusually shaped rooms as you can have a couple of cubes at one end, a tall arrangement at another, a bookshelf alongside a wall, etc. Flexible storage cubes are fantastic for meeting changing needs.

White 3 section storage cabinet

Kid’s white 3 section storage cabinet from Kinder Room  is made from solid birch and painted white for a bit of a rustic, vintage feel that would fit in well with vintage themes for kids. It’s incredibly sturdy so will last many years and when placed against a wall, it’s just the right height for children to reach, making tidying up easier – in theory!

9 cube children's storage unit

The Kidspace Metro storage unit from Very  has 9 deep cubes for ample storage and comes in either a blue or pink finish. It looks fantastic and is ideal for older children who seem to accumulate more clutter!

Storage unit with canvas drawers

Lazzari storage units come in all shapes and sizes and are normally quite expensive as they are so popular, however  you can buy them from eBay  either new or as good as new for very reasonable prices. Again these units are great for building up into bigger  pieces or kept as small, stand alone units.

Children's 4 compartment storage shelves

This 4 compartment storage from Vertbaudet  is available in a range of colours and again is brilliant for  expanding vertically or horizontally  with other pieces or fixing to the wall. The reviews for this unit are very positive and we think it makes a simple, yet effective little storage solution for your child’s room.

Stacking Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are still the simplest and cheapest form of storage for children’s bedrooms. They come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colours and the best ones are of course stacking storage boxes which hold a reasonable amount of clutter yet don’t take up too much room. With so many outlets selling stacking storage boxes, prices remain highly competitive, even for the high quality and distinctive stacking boxes which are as much an accessory to a room decor as they are a practical solution.

three girls pretty storage boxes with lids

These three girls storage boxes with lids from Laura Ashley  are just gorgeous so be careful that they  don’t end up in mum’s room!  Space on the front allows you to label each box and the pretty ribbon handles make a nice, girlie  touch. They will  hold all those essential bits and pieces and look ravishingly pretty in pink  .

Girlie storage boxes

These Flexa storage boxes from House of Fraser make a bright, colourful and  wacky addition to a room; children will be practically fighting over themselves to tidy away in these fun storage boxes! They are also perfect for nursery storage. If you need to bring a little cheer to the dull task of putting away then these storage boxes will surely bring a smile to your face!

Storage boxes with robots design

Appeal to them on their level with these robot storage boxes also from House of Fraser. The robot and the rocket need feeding regularly as neither can run on empty, so encourage little boys (and girls) to feed them up with plenty of toys, books and pens. When stacked they also make a great room display and who wouldn’t love these simple yet bright illustrations?

Stacking storage tins with a classic butterfly design

Stacking storage tins are sturdy, hardwearing and retro, however these Butterfly Stacking Tins are retro with a fluttery twist! The largest tin is big enough to hold pairs of shoes or books and then the littlest is handy for bobbles, hair clips and all things pretty! It’s a classically stylish design that will make a stunning display. Get yours from  Berry Red.

Pink and red nesting storage boxes with love and love hearts design

These pink and red nesting storage boxes with love and love hearts design from Cox & Cox also make marvellous gift boxes! They are perfect places to keep treasures, trinkets and secrets safe and covered with love and kisses.

Blue, white and red storage boxes with cut-out handles

Blue, white and red storage boxes with cut-out handles from John Lewis  have a patriotic feel to them  which is just in time for  Flag Fever at the  Olympics! I’m sure British athletes have safer places to store their gold medals, but I can think of no better place for children to store their own  achievement mementos. These boxes are handsome as well as handy and the cut-out handles make them easily transportable. Oh, they also come in Pink.

nest of 6 gift boxes with an exclusive tropical design

Gift boxes themselves make great cheap alternatives to storage boxes and this nest of six square gift boxes by Yuyu are so attractive you won’t want to give them away anyway! Perfect for stacking and easily contained within each other when not in use, these square gift boxes will make a bright, cheery addition to your child’s room. So go on, add a little sunshine!

3 storage boxes with pink rose design and gingham lid

Shabby Chic set of 3 red gingham rose storage boxes from ebay – yes good old Ebay has come up trumps again! These gingham storage boxes are scrummy and although you could store them under the bed or in the wardrobe, you’ll want to make sure that these are on full display!

Gorgeous, snazzy and fun storage solutions that are cheaply cheerful in every way!

More Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes

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Hallway Storage

If you are lucky enough to have a rather large hallway then why not make full use of the space with these innovative and stylish storage ideas specially designed to fit into hallway spaces? As hallways are such busy places it makes sense to keep everything you need for those rushed mornings in handy containers and on useful hooks, so here are a few of the very best in hallway storage ideas.

Storage Benches and Seating

These storage units are perfect for keeping shoes and bags out of the way as well as providing extra seating. Or if you don’t have a gorgeous window to sit and read at, then why not keep shoes on the shelf and store bags underneath? Or decorate with pretty pot plants? The choice is yours but these stylish storage benches would keep unwanted clutter out of sight and make a handsome piece of hallway furniture.

Abbeville Bench

The Abbeville Hallway Storage Bench from GLTC. The bench is padded for extra comfort handy and pretty storage baskets are great places for book bags, lunch boxes, mini umbrellas, hats etc and these cool designs will fit in no matter what the decor of your hallway is.

Kipling Storage Bench

The Kipling Storage Bench from GLTC. This neatly sized bench seat offers welcome, extra storage for busy areas like hallways, playrooms and bedrooms. Great for chatting on the telephone or waiting for the kids to get ready for school!

Hallway storage that doubles as occasional seating

For simplicity and elegance then choose the Large Wicker Storage Seat from amazon. The deep wicker baskets are removable so you can transfer the contents to any room in the house – a great idea for log storage! And the fabulously woven seating makes a fashionable addition to your hallway or indeed any room in the house that could do with extra storage ideas.

Coat Hooks and Racks

I’m a huge lover of coat hooks and racks and will fix them to whatever space is available such as the backs of doors, inside cupboards, walls etc. They are perfect for keeping coats, bags, umbrellas, hats and other items off the floor and out of the way. These fashionable coat hooks and racks will not only help keep your house clear of clutter but also add an unusual decorative piece to your home.

Amelie Letter Rack

The Amelie Letter Rack and Key Holder from GLTC, part of the Stone Abbeville Hallway collection.  A tasteful hallway accessory to give a home to keys, post or any other wayward household papers.


Oak coat hooks with child's name carved into side

Personalised Oak Coat Pegs from Cleancut Wood are an unusual idea. The hooks are made from solid oak from sustainable sources and can be personalised with the name of your loved one on each side. It makes a wonderful gift idea and is sure to be treasured as well as used for practical purposes of course!

Magnetic Notice Board And Coat Rack

The Magnetic Notice Board And Coat Rack by MijMoj is great for personalising hooks with photos or  leaving little reminders for them to see just before they pop out  which is  a handy  way of trying to keep everyone organised – busy families need every organisational trick going! The hooks come in rather useful too!

Shoe Storage

Shoes are the bane of my life! They are left everywhere and very often mornings are a real trial because one shoe is inevitably missing! So solve those shoe dilemmas with these great shoe storage ideas.

Self-assembly wooden shoe rack

This 2 Tier FSC Beech Wood Shoe Rack from John Lewis is basic, simple and very reasonably priced at just   £18. It does the job perfectly, providing 2 shelves to keep your shoes on and is made from sustainable beech wood. You can either leave it in its natural state or paint it for a funkier vibe!

Hallways don’t have to be cluttered, narrow spaces full of tripping hazards. They can be places of calm and peace, even quiet  areas to sit and read whilst clutter is kept out of sight in stylish and practical hallway furniture.

Hallway Storage

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