Children’s Height Charts

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Children grow. OK, it may be obvious but they do, and sometimes a lot quicker than you think. Obviously you see your children everyday and sometimes it’s easy to not to notice that they are growing up fast.  Children love to keep track of their growth and will compare their height against fixed objects and their siblings on a regular basis.

Traditionally families would have a dedicated door frame or wall where they would track their child’s current height with a pencil or crayon mark. While this is always great fun it can get a little disorderly over times and cause a problem or two when it’s time to decorate.  Ready-made height charts are a great idea and come in a variety of fun and colourful designs that will coordinate with your children’s room theme or colour scheme. Inexpensive and simple to fix on a wall they also have the advantage of being removable for decorating purposes and you can take them with you if you move.

Kid's height chart modelled on a traditional school ruler

The Ruler Height Chart from GLTC is a simple idea that is both fun and practical. Modelled on a traditional wooden school ruler this height chart can be folded in two for easy storage although it makes a nice decoration idea for a child’s room.

Children's height chart incorporating little photo frames

A similar idea this Phot Frame Height Chart, also from GLTC, goes one step better by incorporating little photo frames so you can record each milestone event. Again this wooden height chart can be folded in two and stored away but why would you want to really?

Wooden height chart with coloured cars and a traffic light height marker

This car and traffic light wooden height chart by AM Leg is a fun and colourful design depicting a traffic scene that will go well with a car themed room. Made from 4 individual wooden pieces and easy to hang. The traffic light style clip at the side is used to mark your child’s height and the markers go up to 153 cm (which is about 5 feet in old money). Available from

Kid's dinosaur shaped height chart

This cute dinosaur height chart is one of a range of designs by Emma Jefferson which include a cat, dog, giraffe and pony. Easy to fix to a wall these charts make great accessories for a themed kid’s bedroom.

Boy's space themed height chart

Boy’s will go crazy for this spaceship height chart by Mudpies and Butterflies. This cart hangs from a wall hook and includes little moveable characters like a spaceman and alien.

Padded cotton sunflower height chart

This soft fabric height chart by Spottiswoode Trading  resembling a sunflower can be  personalised  and comes in two colour choices. The little butterflies can be moved to chart her progress.

Girl's height chart with doll's house design

This girl’s height chart from Laura Ashley has a lovely feminine design inspired by an old fashioned doll’s house on a pink and white polka background.  The height markings are conveniently set in both metric and imperial up to  155cm or 5’2″.

Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Height Chart

Another dinosaur height chart,this time from Carla Daly, the  Brachiosaurus is a fun cartoon style image with a little message encouraging them to eat their greens so they can grow big and strong.

Fabric princess themed height chart

With this kit from  Kotori you can make a lovely personalised height chart depicting a young Princess in her tower. Everything you need is included and the  appliques can be ironed on to save on sewing.  This would make a wonderful gift and you can truly say that you made it yourself.

Combined wall sticker and height chart depicting a range of animals

Why settle for a simple animal themed height chart when you can have a full set. This animal tower wall sticker from Bodie & Fou  depicts a range of animals with height measurements at the side.


Owls wall stickers and height chart

Owl in the Tree Wall Chart Stickers from John Lewis comprise a tree and branches as the height chart and the leaves butterflies and cute owls can be arranged however you want them. They can be applied to any wall surface, the back of a door or maybe the side of a wardrobe?

Wooden height chart with an extending snail to track their progress

You may disagree but I think I’ve left the best until last with this wonderful snail design wooden height chart from Little Monkey Murals. Extend the snail’s neck from his shell and mark their progress with the little green leaves supplied.

Of course, a height chart is more than just a measure of how tall your child has grown, it is a special reminder of the milestones in their early years as well as being a fun and functional room decoration.

Calculate your kid’s adult height – did you know you can get an estimate of how tall your child will grow based on their height at age 2? It’s impossible to say how accurate this Child Height Calculator is but it’s a bit of fun nonetheless – try it out for yourself.

Children's Height Charts

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Giraffe Chalkboard Growth Chart Sticker

Giraffe Chalkboard Growth Chart Sticker

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